Things We Shouldn’t Have Freaked Out About (Toddler Years): The Mom Hour, Episode 24

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By popular request, we’re following up Episode 19 (Things We Shouldn’t Have Freaked Out About (As New Moms)) with a show all about the things that stressed us out when we were parenting toddlers. From potty training to introducing a sibling, we unpack our toddler-mom stresses and worries (with the added benefit of hindsight) in the hopes that we can help you worry just a little less.

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Links we mentioned (or should have!) in Episode 24

What are – or were – your toddler-parenting stresses? Leave us a comment below so we can continue the conversation!


  1. This is exactly what I needed to hear right now. I have 2.5 year old twins and have been feeling the potty pressure for a while. My daughter is pee trained (very easy, basically asked me to help her learn), but still working on the poop aspect. (Who knew poop was so hard?!) My son…..well, he shows no interest what so ever. I was debating about trying now anyway (see above potty pressure), but after listening to this podcast I feel so much better about following my gut and giving him some time. And now whenever I talk to yet another friend boasting about their potty trained toddler, I will remember this podcast and end the internal struggle. Thank you and I love this podcast.

  2. Hey ladies, I want to start out by thanking you for all that you do, I’m a new Mom and was feeling sort of lonely being home all day, and then I found your podcast to keep me company. I have listened to all of the Mom Hour, Home Hour and, Style Hour so I’m all out of shows! Was wondering if you could possibly share some of your favorite podcasts in one of the “semi regular, regular ‘things we love'” segments you do. Thanks again!

    • Melissa, welcome! We’re so happy you’re here. That’s a great idea – we’re going to try to put something together with our favorite shows soon!

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