The Adults They’ll Be Someday: The Mom Hour, Episode 27

Those sweet, pudgy things that keep you up at night? News flash: they’ll be adults before you know it. In honor of Meagan’s oldest turning 18 this week, we’re devoting Episode 27 to talking about the adults we’re raising: what we hope for them, what we imagine they’ll become, and just how much control we have over how they turn out.

meagan jacob baby tree

Update on the Life, Listened network!

Thanks to those of you patiently waiting for more episodes of our other shows! Be sure to listen to Meagan’s interview with Karen Walrond on The Home Hour, and look for an episode of The Style Hour later this week!

jacob and mom

Links we mentioned (or should have!) in Episode 27

And don’t forget to listen through to the very end to hear Meagan chat with Jacob on his eighteenth birthday. Enjoy!


  1. I get to be Sarah’s Mom! She’s right – the “job” of being a mom never ends. In my life, right now, I stand between my 87 year old mother and my 35 years old daughter; looking one direction, I’m Daughter, the other, I’m Mom and it’s a dynamic, soul opening, joyous, heart breaking adventure ! I love listening to the Mom Hour because it invites me to reflect on all of it. And the most amazing part is that I get to hear Sarah’s perspectives as she, like me, gazes backward and forward between me and her own children. Well done Sarah and Megan. And yes, Sarah could have raise herself she was so goal driven!!

  2. Loved this episode–especially the discussion of nature vs. nurture. As the mother of 20 month old identical twin girls I am constantly amazed at the role nature plays and how different they are already– despite their identical DNA and upbringing. Thanks for the show!

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