Gifts That Go The Distance (PLUS A Micro Kickboard Giveaway!): The Mom Hour, Episode 28

UPDATE: Congrats to our winners! Holly F. and Amie A. have claimed their prizes. And a big thank you to MicroKickboard from sponsoring this giveaway!

Which holiday gifts will make your kids’ faces light up when they open them AND still be among their favorites years down the line? We share our picks for gifts that go the distance – for every age and every price range – in Episode 28. Join us!

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We are thrilled to welcome Micro Kickboard as our sponsor for this episode! Micro Kickboard sells high quality scooters for every age group, and both Meagan and Sarah’s kids love their products. Keep reading (and listen to the podcast!) to find out how to win one of two scooters in time for the holidays!

Our 2015 Holiday Gift Guide!

We spent most of episode 28 talking about toys and gift for kids that get played with year after year (and kid after kid). Since we mentioned a TON of products and ideas during the podcast, we’ve tried to break them down by category here.

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Gift Guides & Resources

Gifts for babies & toddlers

Gifts for preschool & little kids

Gifts for big kids & teens

Other great stuff we talked about

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  1. follow on facebook & Instagram. Micro Maxi please!

    • I just found you gals and love the show! I would have thrown the mindware catalog away but heard your recommendation so it is on te Christmas list for all 3 kids ages 7,8 and 9. Larger kick board please, thanks

  2. I subscribe in PocketCasts, and follow you all over social media! Would prefer the MicroMaxi, but the Mini would be great as well!

  3. Liked you girls on FB and IRL;)
    MicroMaxi is fab but either one would be used up at our house! xoxox

  4. I subscribed to the podcast on podcast addict. I also follow on fb and Instagram. My boys would love a MicroMini

  5. My son would LOVE the Micro Maxi! I follow you on Facebook and Instagram.

  6. Totally obsessed with your podcast and discovered very recently. So of course I’m currently binge-listening at all times, ie at work, on my commute, while doing dishes, while making tedious school lunches every night. 😉

    Following on Facebook and I think I just followed you both on IG, very recently. I think. I should check.

    I have a 4 year old and a 6 year old, both boys, who I know would be obsessed with the scooter. I would be fine with either one since I have on-the-bubble aged kids. Thanks for doing what you’re doing! Plan on binging the Style Hour next!

  7. I subscribe in iTunes and follow you on Instagram. I really like the Maxi. My 6 yo son loves scooters. The one we have is a rusted hand me down Razor that some one gave to us instead of putting it in the dumpster.

    I heart MangaTiles. We bought a set for our son when his preschool teacher said how much he loves them. Preschool, Kindergarten or Daycare teachers may know of a toy your kid loves but you don’t.

  8. Love the podcast and I finally subscribed in ITunes. I would prefer the mini for my 22 month old but could use the maxi for my 8 year old. Thanks!

  9. My boys would put the micro maxi to good use!! Thank u.

  10. I have been a long time subscriber of the mom hour. I happen to find you in the beginning and subscribed immediately. I also recently left a review in iTunes. (thanks for explaining how). Love your show and look forward to listening every week.

    We would love either size of the scooter! Thanks so much for doing a give away!

  11. I subscribe via itunes, would love a maxi. Love the podcast!!

  12. Love you guys, I’m subscribed and follow all over social media. Thanks for all the great, down-to-earth info. I’d love the mini for my 3 year old 🙂

  13. Oops, just posted a comment and forgot to say I would love the maxi for my 7-year-old son. Keep up the good work!

  14. Love the show – I’m subscribed, wrote a review and follow on Facebook/Instagram. Clearly, I’m still a nursing mama who spends a lot of time on her phone 🙂 thanks this week for all the great gift info. we have both a birthday and Christmas coming up for our soon to be 1 year old so it’s all great info. And finally, we would love the mini!

  15. I LOVE your show! I look forward to hearing from you every week….it totally makes my day when I listen! I have subscribed to your podcast for months now, follow you on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and tell all of my friends about you! Micro Maxi would be best for us!

  16. Micro Mini, thank you for the holiday gift suggestions; I can’t wait to make my list this year!

  17. Oh how I adore your podcast! I’m subscribed, follow on facebook and instagram and of course have left a review! I would love the micro maxi…with a 9, 6 and 3 year old it would get a lot of use! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  18. Oh wow, my 5 year old would adore a black and pink maxi scooter – thank you!
    And thank you so much for the gift ideas!

  19. Great ideas! Glad I haven’t done any shopping yet so I can take advantage of these tips. The play kitchen is a hit in our house with kids of all ages as well. Either the Micro or the Maxi would work in our house since Adam is a small giant 🙂

  20. Subscribe to your podcast already, so I wrote a review and now follow you on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. My girls (3 and 1) would love a Micro Mini!

  21. Love and subscribe to the podcast! Finally left you guys a review (long overdue). I would love to win either size scooter; first choice is the Micro Mini, but either is great!

  22. I subscribe to you on Podcast Addict and like you on facebook! I’d like the win either!! I have a toddler a 3 year old and a 5 year old!

  23. If your kids are big into Lego a Brick Separator is a brilliant addition to your Lego stash.

  24. I subscribe to the podcast and love it! I would love either Micro Mini or Maxi. Thank you!

  25. I love the podcast. I’ve subscribed and listened to all the back episodes. I would love the one for bigger kids. (But would use either one)

  26. I subscribed and left a review, followed on Twitter. I would prefer the mini 🙂 thanks!!

  27. I subscribe to the podcast and just went and followed on Facebook and Instagram. I would love a Maxi for my 3 kids. My 4 year old is already 50 lbs and the 2 year old isn’t far behind at nearly 40 lbs, so I need to size up early!

  28. I follow on Twitter and like on Facebook and my son would love the Micro Maxi! Thank you!

  29. I subscribe on iTunes and also follow you on Facebook and Instagram. I adore the Mom Hour, and most of your toy suggestions. We have a Micro Maxi on our Christmas list for my 6 yo. I would love to win one!

  30. Follow on FB. I have a 5 year old that would love the Maxi. He’s ready to move up!

  31. Subscribed via iTunes.
    Totally agree with Sarah about the magna tiles. They are used almost daily in our house to create houses for animals, garages for matchbox cars, etc. In defense of junior board games my kids love monopoly jr. Regular monopoly was too much and they would much rather buy a bowling alley or ice cream parlor than Virginia Ave:) Check out card games by Gamewright. My kids love rat a tat cat and sleeping queens!
    Would love the micro maxi!

  32. Especially love the tips about stocking stuffers – great stuff, as always, ladies and so timely!

  33. I suscribed via iTunes!
    My giant 4-year-old son would love the Micro Maxi (and to be honest I may take it for a spin, too..)
    Thanks as always for a great show!

  34. Subscribed via Itunes! I have a 2.5 year old and 6 month old. Would love either scooter.

  35. I followed on Facebook and my kids would be psyched to see a Micro Mini under the tree.

  36. What an awesome give away! I was already a subscriber and listen every week! I’d happily win either model!

  37. I love this episode! Thanks for all the ideas. So great to hear from experienced moms what toys are actually worth the money. Christmas will be on a very tight budget this year so I’ve been thinking about this. I would love the Micro Mini for my preschooler! I’m already a subscriber of the podcast and get excited when I see a new episode pop up in my feed! Just followed on Facebook.

  38. Love the podcast and subscribe. I would love to win either.

  39. Lindsay Cederberg November 19, 2015 at 8:35 pm

    I subscribe to your podcast, follow you on instagram and Facebook and have told friends how much I love your podcast! Would love the micro mini for my twins. Also love all your other gift ideas from this episode. Look forward to it every week. 🙂

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  41. I’ve been subscribed in iTunes for a few months now! I’d love to gift a MicroMini to my little one this Christmas!

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  43. Love this episode of the mom hour and all the suggestions! I am subscribed to the podcast and like you on Facebook. Giveaway or not , i can’t stop recommending the podcast to friends because I enjoy it so much. We would love either of the scooters. With two boys and a third on the way I know it would get a lot of use.

  44. Thanks for an opportunity to win! I would love either size in Aqua!

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    My son would love the Micro Maxi in red. 🙂

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    We would love a mini!!

  50. The Micro Maxi would be a great next step for my 6-yr old grandson. He has a little bit of gross motor skill handicap (still, but getting better) from having been born at 26 weeks.

    Keep up the good works.


  51. Would love to give my grandson this for Christmas. He loves anything with wheels.

  52. Love the podcast, I’ve been subscriber for about 6 months and binge listened when I started 😀 we would love the mini for my 2 year old but can take a maxi too!

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  60. I started listening to your podcast when I went back to work after my first baby a few months ago, and it has been a wonderful thing to listen to! I love the real-ness and tips, especially as a new mom!

    After hearing that Sarah’s (I think) one year old loved the Micro Maxi, I realized it would make a great present for my son who wants to walk soooo badly!

  61. Hello!

    Subscribed and have told all my mom friends about this podcast! Would enjoy the Micro Maxi with my husband and son!

    Found your podcast this week and have been binge listening 🙂 Seriously, I have to admit that I feel like you’re my friends when listening and that is proof that the two of you are rockin’ it!

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    Ps. Micro mini please.

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  65. I’d love either though!

  66. Funny, I just recommended your podcast to two of my friends before even knowing about this give away. They were the ones who told me about it after checking you out 🙂 We would love the mini for the future Mrs. Evel Knievel, who wants nothing more than to GO GO GO!!!

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  70. I am now following The Mom Hour in Facebook and Instagram and am also a new podcast subscriber! I’m addicted to listening now and love the back and forth banter, which I find myself laughing about! I listen in my car usually and my favorite episode so far has been the one on not liking fun things..thank you Sarah for introducing me 🙂 my kids would love this scooter and the bigger one would be great but the mini would also work well for my family!!!

  71. Lindsey Stevenson November 23, 2015 at 8:38 pm

    Hi! I subscribe to the podcast and I just left a review on ITunes. Love both of you! I would love to have either scooter. Either one would work for my family. Thank you!

  72. I love your podcasts, and I definitely subscribe! I would love the Maxi in red. Thanks for all the wonderful gift ideas!

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  74. great episode ladies! Micro mini for me please

  75. Hey Ladies! Great gift ideas. Love this giveaway. I have a 3 and 6 year old so we would love either size. So cool! I loved the teal color. Thanks for sharing!

  76. I so love your podcast! I’d love to win either one!

  77. Great suggestions, ladies! I have a few of my own.

    For traditional Legos, i.e. not character sets, try eBay. We got a huge lot a few years ago and it’s AWESOME. Since it’s leftover from another kid it’s full of random pieces from old sets which make it much more interesting then the brand new version. Our kids love it.

    My boys are 9 and 6 and here are the toys they still play with years (and years and year(s) after they were given:

    Magformers. We didn’t know about Magnatiles but these are super awesome too. Especially with the wheels.


    And, last but not least, these cardboard blocks. I know this seems completely ridiculous. The Christmas our second child was a toddler we were looking for simple toys that didn’t have a ton of plastic pieces. Five years later they still play with them and we’ve even added another set.

  78. I subscribe in iTunes. The micro mini would be awesome at our house! I think both my kids would love it.

  79. I follow you on instagram & told my mom & sisters about your show – I know they will love it! I have loved you guys from the beginning on The Happiest Mom/Home. I would love the Maxi – my kids are too big for the mini, and though I know it could find it a good home, I’d love for it to go to someone who can give it to someone close to them! Love you two!

  80. I love all of the Life, Listened podcasts! I’m subscribed on my podcast app and I’ve liked you on FB. My kids are 6, 3, and 1, so I’d be excited to get either size!

  81. I’m a subscriber! Would love the larger size as I have older kids. Happy Thanksgiving.

  82. I subscribe to your podcast, follow you on instagram, and i just left a review! I would love to see my kiddos use a micro kickboard!!! Either size would be awesome! Thanks for all the recommendations!!

  83. I’m interested in the mini for my 3-year-old! I am subscribed in iTunes 🙂

  84. I’m absolutely loving your show and it makes my long commutes to work fly by. I’m subscribed in iTunes and can hardly wait for your next podcast to arrive each week. I’d love to win either Micro Kickboard Scooter – I have kids in both age ranges!

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  86. Maxi please! Following on fb

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