Your Media Diet: Is It Healthy? The Mom Hour, Episode 3

How much of the media you consume makes you feel energized and inspired? How much feeds your inner critic and makes you look up from the computer guiltily, wondering how much “real life” you’ve missed?

In this episode Meagan and Sarah talk about ways to break the cycle of too much Facebook (or whatever your online rabbit hole of choice might be) and back away from the laptop or smartphone when media use become mindless and draining. We also offer suggestions for adding new sources into your “media diet” that help broaden, instead of narrow, the type of information you consume.

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A big thank you to Kimberly-Clark, The Mom Hour’s sponsor for May and June! You can find out more about the #CelebrateFamilyValues campaign at We’ll be discussing the campaign more in-depth in future episodes of The Mom Hour as well as on The Happiest Home, and you can also follow the discussion by following the #CelebrateFamilyValues hashtag on Twitter!

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A few things we discussed in today’s show:


  1. I’ve been a longtime listener of The Home Hour/Kitchen Hour, and I’m really enjoying The Mom Hour now too! You mentioned Gretchen Rubin in the podcast, and I just found out that she started a podcast (Happier with Gretchen Rubin) a couple months ago that is also great!

  2. A great listen! I’ve been feeling as well that a lot of the articles out there online just reiterate what I am already doing or already believe. Looking for something fresh!

  3. Another great podcast that I’ve been listening to before I had kids is KCRW’s Good Food. A wide variety of topics including the politics and culture of food and drink, from production to consumption.

    Love the work you are doing – I’ve laughed out loud several times!

  4. This was the first episode of the podcast I’ve listened to (found you all throuh the Mom Edit/Style Hour). I was kind of dreading listening because I worried it would make me feel guilty about my habits, but instead it was enjoyable and inspiring, so thank you! Also, Meagan, any chance you will share your epic Breakfast Making playlist with us? 🙂 thanks!

    • Amber, thank you for reminding me! We said we’d link to Spotify in the show notes and we didn’t (oops) – and I ALSO want access to Meagan’s epic playlist – we’ll remedy that ASAP (if she’s not up for sharing, we’ll at least link to something similar). 🙂

    • Amber, I’m looking into how to get you that list – the breakfast one is on my husband’s account and it’s collaborative between the two of us, so I don’t think I can share it directly but I’m going to try to make a copy!

      SO glad you’re liking the podcast 🙂

  5. The Mom Hour has quickly become one of my favorite podcasts and I always look forward to seeing a new episode on my play list. This particular episode was so inspiring to me. It really made me evaluate my social media habits and take a hard look at how they were affecting my time with my kids. I have since turned off the app notifications on my phone, and removed my social media apps from my home screen on my phone. I noticed an almost immediate decrease in the amount I have been spending on my phone – and I love it. Thanks for the great episode, and I’m looking forward to future ones.

    • Karen, this is such great feedback – thank you! We are so grateful you’re listening, and glad you’re loving the podcast! 🙂

  6. Just stumbled across your podcast – and am now binge listening to catch up. This episode couldn’t have come at a more perfect time! Just last week, I am trying to pay more attention to screen time and if it’s productive or taking away from more important things. Thanks for your ideas on the issue!

  7. I loved this episode, ladies. Great tips for managing media intake but more importantly, I feel validated knowing I’m not the only one that needs to step back and evaluate my media usage once in a while. Thanks!

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