Great Gifts For Moms (Any Time Of Year!): The Mom Hour, Episode 32

As Christmas fast approaches, we’re here to remind you that YOU too deserve great, thoughtful gifts under the tree this year! Join us as we talk about our own wish lists and favorite gifts from holidays past, and get some ideas you can drop as not-so-subtle hints this week!

Great Gifts for Moms

A Peek into Instagram…

First we shared some personal stories by way of our Instagram streams. Be sure to follow us (@MeaganFrancis, @PowersOfMine, and @TheMomHour) to see more funny kid pics and slices of life. Let us know in an IG comment that you found us through the podcast, too, so we can say hello!

Meagan on IG

Sarah’s wine cork snowman ornaments were inspired by several different online images, but this one from is closest to what we did. Most of the materials are self-evident from the photos, but we used Lara’s Crafts® Wood Candle Cups (painted black) from Michael’s for the hats, which turned out so cute!Sarah on IG

Links We Mentioned (or should have!) in Episode 32

Products We Mentioned in Episode 32

Let us know what you’d love for Christmas this year! Leave a comment below, or send us an email to!


  1. Such a fun episode, you gave me lots of ideas! Currently, I have a google doc I share with my husband where I list out things I need/want, including links. Unfortunately, my ideas are pretty boring (um, electric griddle), so I need to update with some of these items that are just for fun. Have a wonderful holiday, I am looking forward to the reading of past blog posts.

  2. What are you getting your husbands? My husband is very tech-savvy as well, but I never know what the latest cool thing is and he buys that stuff for himself. He isn’t metro, so I can’t head that direction. As of now, I am getting him things he needs like an overcoat and a suitcase. Not terribly exciting stuff to open!

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