(Totally Not Overwhelming) Health & Wellness Inspiration for 2016: The Mom Hour, Episode 33

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Neither Meagan nor Sarah is a resolution-maker, but we both love starting fresh after the holidays with renewed energy and focus. Today we’re talking about fitness, food, and self-care – our own intentions for 2016 as well as what has worked for us (and not so much) in the past.

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  1. When I first saw the headlines, I thought it wasn’t applicable to me. What 32 week pregnant woman wants to think about fitness routines. But, since I love you ladies, I listened. And…I loved your thoughts on self-care. Because, yes, it is more than bubble baths! I have a bad tendency of using the time I have childcare for organizing crap around the house. This is not self care! Yes, it is something that needs to be done and I love how it looks for the 5 minutes after I am done, but does it feed my soul and my brain? Certainly not.

    I don’t really set resolutions, but I do set intentions for the year. My intention is to read more. Like you ladies, I used to devour books. Now, I can barely get through blog posts. So, to promote self care in 2016, I am going to make an effort to actually read when my kids are with someone else. Hears hoping that sticks!

  2. Happy New Year, Jacquie! Thank you for ALWAYS listening and commenting – you are seriously the best. And one time I was 36wks pregnant at the start of the new year, so I totally feel you. It’s a fun time of year for “new” things, though! xo

  3. Pausing in the middle of the podcast…cooking dinner, finding the new crawler (poor 5th kid keeps finding choking hazards everywhere). Wanted to quickly give a shout out to weight lifting classes like bodypump. I’m an ordinary mom who was never an athlete, and I love how powerful weightlifting makes me feel. My husband and I also try to to take advantage of childcare at our ymca for exercise date nights. Few things hotter than seeing your hubby doing pull-ups ;), and it gives us a chance to talk between sets of lunges/bench press/etc. 🙂 it’s not making me skinny (too many kids and chocolate for that), but I’m strong and happiest when I take the time to do literally – strong things! Love your podcast as always!!

    • Amy, every person I’ve spoken to about it says that weight lifting has completely transformed his/her (but most often, her) body and that it doesn’t take any more time or effort than your traditional cardio class or treadmill slog to see results (less, even, I’ve heard.) Definitely going to add this into my repertoire in 2016. Thanks for dropping by!

  4. Hi there
    Great episode! Sarah, i’m just wondering if you could share the Kale Salad recipe you mention in this episode.

    • Hi Kyla! So glad you liked the episode! Yes, here’s what I do (not an official recipe)…
      – tear kale into small pieces (any kind of kale is fine, if it’s the really dense bitter kind, be sure to let it sit in the dressing for longer – see note below)
      – cook quinoa and let cool – I like tri-color quinoa
      – chop up apples into small cubes
      – mix kale, quinoa, apples, dried cranberries, slivered almonds, and feta cheese all together – up to you how much of each, but I use quite a bit of quinoa so that it kind of sticks and coats the other ingredients (but not so much that it’s more than the kale)
      – dress with any balsamic vinaigrette type dressing
      – make ahead and let sit for up to 6 hours before serving – you actually kind of want this salad a little limp/soggy, because it really softens and mellows out the flavor of the kale
      Let me know if you make it and how it goes! -Sarah

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