8 Milestones & When Our Kids Met Them: The Mom Hour, Episode 34

Milestones tend to be something moms think a lot about in the first year or two of motherhood. But kids keep developing (at their own pace, as we all know) and moms keep celebrating, wondering, and sometimes worrying about them long after the baby years are behind us.

In Episode 34 we tackle eight milestones from the preschool through teen years and share when and how our kids met them. We also talk about the importance of keeping conversations about milestones supportive, and how quickly they can slip into competitive or anxiety-inducing territory.

But first, Instagram

Two new additions to brag about in our houses! (Totally not babies. Not babies AT ALL.) Meet Scotty Cheesehands, Meagan’s new family pet, and see Sarah’s new (to her) Craigslist score of a piano.

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hamster, instagram

piano, Craigslist

Links we mentioned (or should have) in Episode 34

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