End-Of-School Year Fun (And A Few Gripes): The Mom Hour, Episode 4

It’s warm out! But we have so much to DO… How can busy families balance the end-of-school madness with the desire to sit on the front porch and enjoy the sunshine? In Episode 4, Meagan and Sarah discuss simple ways to celebrate the season and do a little venting about the end-of-year parenting slump.

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A big thank you to our sponsor, Kimberly-Clark! In this episode we talked about the awesome Cottonelle® Fresh Care Flushable Cleansing Cloths, which make potty trips clean and easy for the whole family. You can find out more about the #CelebrateFamilyValues campaign at PickUpTheValues.com, and by following the #CelebrateFamilyValues hashtag on Twitter!


There was a lot of laughter and – we admit it! – a little griping in this episode! Here are some links we promised you:

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We’re so thrilled to welcome a bunch of new listeners! If you’re eager for more from Meagan and Sarah and just can’t wait until the next new episode, check out the list of show topics under our photo in the sidebar at the right. Those are episodes of The Home Hour where we talk about motherhood and parenting topics. Enjoy!


  1. As I’m listening to this podcast, my inbox is FULL of emails about the end of year festivities for a teacher who’s been teaching for 24 years in the grade school program we’re in. She’s great, really she is! BUT. We’re making a scrapbook, so please send in a current photo of your family. Please have your child fill out this questionnaire about their first grade year. Let’s get her a necklace with ALL the birthstones of the children, how about this Pinterest one, or this one on etsy? RSVP for her retirement party! Do you want to be on the video scrapbook. Send in your favorite memories of this teacher on video! And that’s just the retirement stuff, there’s ALSO emails about end of school year parties and park dates. Answering school email could take me hours each day if I took it all seriously!

    • Yeah…. I can imagine. Our kindergarten teacher last year also retired, and it was a funny dynamic. There was SO much fanfare (as you describe) and yet the kids in the class – including my kid – had only known their teacher for 9 months of her 19 years. Anyway, GOOD LUCK getting through it all. You can do it! 🙂

  2. My kindergartener is having an awards ceremony – and a luau class party. LOVE your podcast.

    • Haha, kindy awards… Best Use Of Scissors? Fewest Time-Outs? Most Likely Not To Pee In Her Pants? 🙂 I hope all the end of year events go well in you’re house – so happy you’re enjoying the show!

  3. I’m a new listener from Ontario Canada.

    Our school year is run from September to June and they have July and August off for summer holidays.nMy oldest will be done school June 26 he will be in Grade 1 in September.

    I love your podcast and can’t wait to hear more episodes

  4. I love listening to Megan and Sarah. What a resource for good advice and encouragement for Moms at whatever stage they are on the parenting spectrum! Their conversations are refreshing and lively – swinging from light, fun and funny to straightforward and deeply wise – both so necessary for Moms who are trying their very best to figure out things out as they go…

    • Lisa, I’m thrilled to hear you like the podcast! Thanks so much for your very kind comment, and please keep listening!

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