Hobbies & Passions Outside Motherhood: The Mom Hour, Episode 43

It’s easy to let creative pursuits and hobbies fade into the background during the hectic years of early parenting. And when the time comes to make room for them again, we’re sometimes left with questions: Am I too old? Is this still something I love to do? Maybe I should pick up something new? And how do I fit it all in?

Whether you’re looking to bring some “not-mom” activities back into your life or just continue to challenge yourself to remain curious and creative, Episode 43 is all about passions and hobbies. We’ll share our own stories and give you ideas for finding out what inspires you and making room for it in your life.

Birthday buckets

(We also chatted about what’s going on in our lives, including Meagan’s uncharacteristic foray into the world of party favors – see above. 😉 )

Links we mentioned (or should have!) in Episode 43

What are your hobbies and passions outside of motherhood? How do you manage to keep them alive? Leave us a comment!


  1. Great advice! I used to love to read and when my kids were babies I gave up reading because I was just too tired at night. I’ve recently started to read again and forgot how much I enjoyed it. It’s a small thing but has made a big difference. Also have totally become obssesed with cooking blogs now that I have slightly more time to cook, kids are 6 and 4.

    • Kim, I was the same way with reading! I’m totally back into it after probably a DECADE off. It’s the little things! 🙂

  2. Thanks for your podcast! I don’t know how you think of such great topics to discuss. I have four daughters ages 7-17 and relate so much to your discussions. I find myself nodding or laughing along with you.

    As someone who has never created beautiful table settings, I’d love to learn more about this from Sarah. What elements make up a great table scape? Where do you look for inspiration or resources? This would be fun for me to explore now that my kids are getting older.

    Thanks again for all the great episodes!

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