Our Ever-Evolving “Mom Style”: The Mom Hour, Episode 47

When you spend years cycling through maternity, post-partum, nursing and “oh gee I’m pregnant again!” wardrobe pieces, thinking about your personal style can take a back seat. Now that Meagan and Sarah are squarely on the other side of those years, we’re talking about clothes, shopping and style in Episode 47.

Join us for a fun conversation about where we love to shop, when to buy cheap and when it makes sense to spend a little more, how our own personal styles have evolved over the years, and what looks we wish we could pull off but just can’t seem to.

NOTE: The Style Hour, a podcast Meagan co-hosts with Shana Draugalis of The Mom Edit is on hiatus, but you can catch all the archived episodes here. And while we know we make poor substitutes for actual fashion experts, we’re betting you can relate to some of our woes!

Links we mentioned (or should have) in Episode 47



  1. Great topic. I really miss The Style Hour. I read Shana’s blog but the combo of her and Meagan was more in line with the level of mental effort I want to put in to style (and budget).

    I have tried Fabletic and I like the clothes but I don’t like the whole “VIP membership” thing. This falls in to clothes I want to be my style but aren’t. I’m just not a leggings girl.

    I love hats. I got a cheapo fedora last summer and love it. I had to find one that sits lower on my head though, if it sat higher I felt like Mr. Peanut.

    I love the advice to dress for where you are and not to camouflage your “flaws” to the detriment of your better features. I have gained some weight lately and am enjoying how my butt looks. My stomach doesn’t look as nice. I’m enjoying wearing jeans and a half tucked shirts.

    I CANNOT wait for Michigan to finally decide on a season so I can give up wearing socks and wear my dresses! I’m camping close to where Meagan lives next weekend and I hope the MI weather gods decide on spring.

    This might fall into next week’s show better. I have embraced my naturally curly hair and discovered with the right care I have more curl than I thought. I love how my hair feels like an accessory now. I has a wild, slightly bohemian, a bit sexy look. It can take a blah outfit and make my overall look a bit more stylish. Pulling my hair up into a messy bun with romantic wisps is fun too.

    I have been able to embrace the “romantic” look but am trying to get a way from it. It is starting to feel a bit like too much cheesecake. Really great in small amounts. I’ve been trying to edge it up a bit. I haven’t been able to pull off the “collared shirt under a sweater” look.

    Thanks for the great podcast. It is so fun to listen to style and fashion talk that isn’t so serious.

  2. I totally laughed at Meagan’s image of herself riding a bike in her flowing romantic look. While I have no interest in the romantic look, I have similar fantasies about myself in certain outfits that I can’t pull off. Glad to know I am not alone in feeling like certain clothes are wearing me!

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