Online Pals Turned Real-Life Friends (plus, #podcastinginbed): The Mom Hour, Episode 49

If you follow us on social media, you probably saw that Meagan and Sarah got to hang out – and record this very podcast episode – in person over the weekend at the Mom 2.0 Summit in Laguna Niguel, CA.

Not only did we get to hang out with one another, we shared a makeshift recording studio (translation: one king-sized hotel bed) with some of our favorite fellow podcasters: Jessica Ashley of Single Mom Nation Radio, Kristen Chase and Liz Gumbinner of Spawned, and Asha Dornfest and Christine Koh of Edit Your Life.

Episode 49 is all about friendships with other moms. You’ll hear each pair of longtime friends  – Meagan/Jessica, Kristen/Liz, Asha/Christine, and Meagan/Sarah – talk about how they met online, when their internet-buddy status morphed into real-life friendship, and what kind of creative opportunities and joint ventures developed as a result.

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Here’s how to find the amazing ladies you heard from in Episode 49

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A huge thanks again to Jessica, Kristen, Liz, Asha and Christine for joining us! Be sure to check out their sites, books and shows to get to know them even better. And we’d love to hear about your online and IRL besties! Leave us a comment or email us at


  1. I just listened to the podcast and it was awesome as usual. I love listening to you guys, the fun and the real life non judging discussions! As I realize I have moved out of the tiny baby phase and I’m not that “new mom” any longer but more of a mom of older kids it’s so nice to find places to connect vs the forums/new mommy blogs of 6-10 ? years ago!

  2. I was so excited for the new episode, but the sound quality was so bad I couldn’t listen!! Bummer!!!!

    • Oh, Kristin, bummer! Yeah, this was definitely a special occasion with a makeshift studio so what we gained in interviews and fellow podcasters, we lost a little in sound quality. We’ll be back to our normal recording setup in Episode 50. (On the off chance you want to give it another try, the sound gets way better after the first few minutes.) -Sarah

  3. I’m with Kristin – the sound quality was really tough to get past. But, I’m glad I did – I loved the stories of female friendship and how these friendships blossomed in really interesting ways! I think more interviews could be a fun addition to future shows.

    • Thank you for sticking with it, Carol. 🙂 Yes, we are going to start recording interview-based shows regularly!

  4. Thanks for the feedback on quality Carol and Kristin…Jon made some adjustments so hopefully it made a difference. Next time we podcast in bed we’ll bring two mics! ?

  5. “..if you reached out I would totally get together and hang out.” I hope you meant it because sometime I am in your town! I went camping at Warren Dunes two weeks ago. Here’s a question, how do you reach out to people online with out feeling like you might come across as a stalker? Like right now, I feel like this could be stalker-ish, I assure you I’m not. I’m a fan, just a fan!

    • Dayna, yes!!! Please get in touch next time. As for how to reach out…that’s tough. I think you can just make it really casual – “Hey so and so, I’m going to be in your neck of the woods soon and would love to meet you for a cup of coffee (or whatever) if you have some time!” if you’ve never interacted with that person at all maybe tell them you’re a reader/listener/fan whatever. We’re all just people, right? Sometimes I’ve been very pleasantly surprised when I’ve reached out to seriously big name authors and personalities and asked for an in real life meeting and they’ve graciously said yes right away…and other times I’ve been ignored. But no one has ever told me to buzz off or made me feel like a stalker. Oh, as for the “not coming off stalker-ish” thing…I think if you aren’t a stalker you won’t come off as one. I’ve gotten seriously creepy vibes from people once or twice in the past and chose not to respond to them, but most people are just normal people!

      • Thanks for the reply. I will let you know if I visit the area again. Also, if you are in the Plymouth area and want coffee let me know.


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