Getting Organized for Summer: The Mom Hour, Episode 51

We’re all about laid-back, low-key summer fun – but sometimes it takes a little planning ahead to make room for all that lazing around. In Episode 51 Meagan and Sarah talk about getting organized for summer – from what to do with the avalanche of school papers that come home this time of year, to looking at the calendar and making room for the stuff (literal and figurative) that matters.

Whether you’re days (yay!) or weeks (hang in there, mama) away from summer’s official start, we hope you’ll join us!


Links we mentioned (or should have) in Episode 51:

A Get-Ready-For-Summer GIVEAWAY!

Summer Shortcuts eBook Giveaway

If you don’t already have a copy of our Summer Shortcuts eBook, we’re giving it away! All you have to do is leave us a review in iTunes (here’s how) and leave a comment here on the show notes letting us know you did (if you left one long ago, just comment and tell us that). Be sure to leave a valid email address when you comment, and we’ll send everyone who comments by May 31 a copy of the book!


  1. I just left a review on iTunes…I LOVE your podcast!! I’d love a copy of your book!!

  2. I just left a review on iTunes as well. Thank you both for your fantastic podcast. It’s one of the media highlights of my week. And please send a copy of your eBook! Thank you.

  3. I left a review and am looking forward to the ebook! : )

  4. Sarah – great tip about the accordion file, that is exactly what I need! I am pretty quick to toss my three year old’s many art projects, but I feel like I need to keep a few things.
    Also, I read Sarah Holland’s post about the summer list and I think I am actually inspired to create my own list. I pretty much hate fun, but then I feel bad about it. This might inspire me to actually leave the house with my three boys. I am already plotting a water balloon toss.

  5. I left a review

  6. I left a comment in ITunes. I truly appreciate listening to you both and love your great advise!

    Thank you!!

  7. I got so many great ideas for summer from this episode! But what really stuck with me was Sarah saying she was nauseous for 24 weeks (or something like that) during one pregnancy. Please do a podcast on pregnancy!!!
    I’m pregnant with my first child and have spent the past three months nauseous, it’s nice to hear someone going through the same thing… I’ve been home from work for a month and am very very happy I don’t have other kids, I’m really not functioning right now. ^^
    Thanks for a great podcast!

  8. I’ve just listened in for the first time and love this podcast. I’ve left a review just now on iTunes and would love a copy of your shortcuts ebook

  9. I ‘ve left a review. Thanks!

  10. Just left a review! Love the podcast and am looking forward to the ebook! ?

  11. I left a review in May. Would love the awesome ebook! Thanks ladies! ♥

  12. Love this episode! I made myself a list of “to-dos” from it since I have been frozen in “oh crap, school is out soon!” And need to move on to “I can do this” mode. (Ps, I left a review, finally!!)

  13. I left a review a few months back. Still loving the show and can’t wait to read about summer short cuts. Thanks again for putting on a great show, week after week. Love hearing your perspectives!

  14. I just reviewed! I love this podcast and found you about half way through so I’m going to be heading back as well and listen to the early ones as well. I love hearing from you while I drive around!

  15. I just found you ladies and absolutely love this podcast! Thank you so much!! I have left a review on iTunes!!
    Can’t wait for more episodes!!

  16. I did a review on iTunes. 5 stars for sure! I love listening to your podcasts! I find myself nodding along with what you are saying and love your back and forths.

  17. I left a five star review a few months ago. This is hands down my favorite podcast!

  18. Just left an iTunes review – five stars for you! Thanks for the great advice and silliness on the podcast. I’m a single mom and I need all of both of those things I can get!

  19. Love the podcast and left you a review a log time ago!

  20. Done and done. Us Moms Who Hate Fun have to stick together!

  21. Like the others, I loved this episode! I’m on my second summer as a mostly SAHM and want to do things a little differently this year, so thank you! I’ve been listening for a while, but finally left an iTunes review!

  22. I’ve reviewed and would love your book! I’m a work-at-home mom to a 1st grader and a preschooler, and I need all the help I can get!

  23. I’ve left a review in iTunes! (It’s been a long time since, so it’s probably time to update it…)

  24. I just posted my review! I love you guys! My family moved from a large city (with lots of mom friends and parent support) to a very small town and we don’t really know people our age or who have kids the same ages as ours (or anywhere close). It has been such a breath of fresh air listening to you guys and it’s helped me stay sane and met a very real need of staying connected with moms during this transition time. Thanks!!

  25. I also left a rating and review! I have been listening to Meagan since she first started with the Kitchen Hour years ago. I love your show! Looking forward to summer shortcuts Ebook!

  26. Did everything I could to leave a review, but no luck so far. I will keep trying, and I do recommend to friends!

    • Hi Karen! I’m sorry you’re having trouble. We’ll send you the book anyway. Did you check out that tutorial we linked to? It’s oddly tricky if you’re doing it from your iPhone. It’s a little easier to do it via the iTunes store on a computer. Thanks so much for trying!

  27. hello, sarah and meagan!

    love your show so much. i save each new episode for my long runs (usually more than 8 miles…) — it feels like a group run with you two. it’s too bad that I can’t also enjoy a cold margarita with you guys after my sweaty run. i share your show with friends as much as they will tolerate my rave reviews! itunes feedback left.

    high 5s and fist bump!


  28. Thanks for doing such a great podcast! I just left a review on itunes, and would love the ebook! Thanks!

  29. Two days late but I hope you will still send it to me! Love your podcast! One of my go-to favorites now!!!

    I’d love to hear what you guys do or don’t do for summer learning to keep your kids at least with one toe in the school/learning mode.

  30. Itunes comment done! I love listening to you two, so thanks for the extra push to finally get around to leaving a review. Thanks for all you do and keep up the great work!

  31. Thanks SO much for all your comments and support, everyone! The eBook has been emailed out, and the giveaway is complete for now. (Comments remain open for other discussion though 🙂 ). Happy Summer, all!

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