Listener Questions (Vol.2): The Mom Hour, Episode 52

It’s another Listener Q & A show! Join us as we give our advice and encouragement to four moms who wrote to us with questions. We’ll be the first to admit we don’t have all the answers, but we’ll do our best to offer advice when asked!


Topics discussed in Episode 52

Here are the four topics we discussed in this show. To listen to a specific one, just skip ahead in your media player or podcast app to the time indicated below.

  • Asking for help with childcare, especially when extended family isn’t an option (or is complicated), plus ideas about babysitting co-ops, sitter-share arrangements, and more – 02:20
  • When close friends have dramatically different parenting styles – to the point where it’s uncomfortable or unhealthy to continue to hang out regularly – 15:50
  • Handling kids’ big emotions with elementary school friendship struggles (cliques and exclusion, “mean girl” relationships, etc.) – 24:15
  • How to stop apologizing for where you are in life/motherhood and embrace the chaos with confidence – 37:45

Want to send us a question?

To send us a question or topic idea for the show, email with the subject line “Topic Suggestion”. Or, if you want to be extra fun, record your question using Speakpipe! It’s easy and free and you can re-record as many times as you want. We’ll then feature your audio message on the podcast, call-in radio style!

Links we mentioned (or should have) in Episode 52


  1. I left a review. Looking forward to the book. Bonny R.

  2. So, I would really like to read your ebook! But, I can’t figure out how to leave a review on iTunes; for some reason it says all the nicknames are taken. I left a star rating, though! Does that count? 🙂

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