Travel With Kids (Or, How To Enjoy Your Own Vacation): The Mom Hour, Episode 53

If you’ve traveled with small children, you know that “enjoy” and “vacation” don’t always belong in the same sentence. In Episode 53 Meagan and Sarah share tips for reclaiming a little bit of R & R in your family travels, even during the little years.

We talk about how to making packing and getting out the door less hectic, ways to get aligned with your co-parent and make use of each other’s travel strengths, and how to structure your time away from home so that kids have fun and parents get a little bit of a break, too.


Links we mentioned in Episode 53

flying alone with three kids

that one time Sarah flew alone with three kids

More great travel resources we think you’ll love

Our podcast buddies Asha and Christine (Edit Your Life) and Liz and Kristen (Spawned) both covered travel in recent episodes. See below to listen to their awesome tips, and for some additional resources they recommend:


  1. Great podcast and excellent show notes page. I was going to write about how we do travel but it would sound just like Meagan. From the way we split up tasks, how we never leave on time so we’ve given up on having a set time, how we eat 30 mins in to a road trip to who drives.

    A few times we have packed up, realized it was super late, slept at home in our own beds and left early the next morning. That is the only way we leave early in the morning. On accident. I will say I have a super great camping pack list. I wouldn’t go camping nearly as often without it.

  2. I just listened to this episode and found it very reassuring. We have a 7yo, 5yo, and 3yo twins and have never taken our kids on a real vacation because it just sounded like too much work to me. Staycations have worked great for us. BUT I am finally feeling like maybe I’d be ready to try it. Being past the baby stage (especially with two of them) makes a huge difference.

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