Summer Shortcuts (Yes, We’re THAT Lazy): The Mom Hour, Episode 6

Why does it feel like summer actually creates MORE work for busy moms? When kids are home from school, the snack-requests never end and laundry multiplies overnight. Episode 6 is all about “summer short-cuts” – little ways Meagan and Sarah cheat their way to an easier summer.

(And if you listen to the whole episode, there’s a little freebie in it for you! Go listen!)

As promised in the podcast, here are links to two products we’re loving lately – Zoku Mini Pop Molds (Sarah’s pick) and the reCAP Mason Jar lids (Meagan’s pick).

Zoku reCAP

We also shared some personal stories inspired by these two Instagram photos – they’ll make a lot more sense after you listen to the episode! (If you’re on Instagram, you can follow us at @MeaganFrancis and @PowersOfMine.)

Meagan Sarah IG Collage

Sponsor Spotlight:

A big thank you to Kimberly-Clark, The Mom Hour’s sponsor for May and June! You can find out more about the #CelebrateFamilyValues campaign at We’ll be discussing the campaign more in-depth in future episodes of The Mom Hour as well as on The Happiest Home, and you can also follow the discussion by following the #CelebrateFamilyValues hashtag on Twitter!

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  1. Loved the tip about putting kids to bed in the clothes for the next day! This is something, much to my parents’ consternation, that I came up with independently when I was a kid! My thought process being that if I get dressed NOW while I’m still feeling wide awake I can save myself twenty minutes of decision making and outfit changing in the morning (and sleep in a little too!). I find most of my life choices are based around what can get me the most sleep..

    • HA, I hear you on the sleep point! Whatever buys you a few more minutes’ rest for sure! Thanks for commenting, Chyna! 🙂

  2. My lazy summer (actually always) hack?
    I completely retired from turning my kids clothes rightside-out. I still fold the littlest one’s clothing (5 yr old), still help put them away; I just leave all clothes inside-out if they were when they went in the hamper.
    I have to say that the row of cute dresses in the closet is a lot less cute when most of them are inside out, BUT, I’m telling you, I fold the laundry in a quarter the time. No more laundry mountain! If you think about it, a pair of little kid jeans- it take 20 seconds to wrangle an adult-sized arm inside each leg and turn them right-side out, and 5 seconds to fold.
    Partially this was just a time saver lazy technique, and partially I admit I was feeling put out that my kids (11,11,7,5 yrs old) would expect such a service to be performed by me. Either way, it was VERY freeing to stop!

  3. I sent an email a few weeks ago. I started listening all the way from the start and had requested the ebook. Can I still get it? Episode 6

    • Hi Nicole! I’m so sorry – we didn’t get your email! Thanks for following up. Yes, I can send you the eBook, absolutely. I’ll send it to the email address you left this comment with, unless there’s a better one. Sorry again!

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