Listener Questions (Vol.3): The Mom Hour, Episode 65

It’s time for another episode where Meagan and Sarah take on questions from YOU, our listeners! Big thanks to Becky, Claire and Amanda for allowing us to talk through some really common issues for parents.

First we hear from Becky, whose son is going through a tough phase of fears and anxieties that are dominating the household mood and her energy. Then we tackle Claire’s sticky situation involving wild kids, a restaurant, and a big family reunion. Finally, we help new mom Amanda think through her decision to co-sleep.

Big topics, big questions, and our humble opinions. Join us for Episode 65!

Topics & Links We Discussed in Episode 65

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And if you missed them, be sure to check out Episode 41 and Episode 52 where we also answered listener questions.

Radio mic photo: Alan Levine via Flickr Creative Commons


  1. Thank you so much for addressing my question! I enjoyed your responses! I have been doing some research on anxiety and, I agree with you, i had assumed it was more to do with fears but it can incorporate a broad range of issues. Ages 6-8 are big years for some of these “phases” to become actual anxiety disorders and we are starting him with some OT for sensory processing disorder which I think is helping a bit. I’m glad I’m not alone in the tricky spot of trying to understand what’s going on with my complicated child.

  2. Oh my goodness, Allegra’s appearance on the podcast was adorable! This was a fun one. It really got me thinking about what I remember about being a kid at those different ages, and wondering what it will be like for my boys, now 2 and 4. Thanks ladies!

  3. Oops, left this on the wrong recap. Should have been on episode 61 🙂

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