Kids in the Kitchen: The Mom Hour, Episode 70

When they’re tiny, having kids with you in the kitchen can be challenging (to put it mildly); during these little years it’s all about keeping them occupied while you put together a meal or put away the groceries as fast as humanly possible. As they get older, though, including kids in cooking and meal prep can be a great way to bond while teaching them important kitchen skills – all at a much more leisurely pace.

Join Meagan and Sarah for Episode 70 of The Mom Hour, where we’ll offer tips, encouragement and real-life advice for having kids in the kitchen at every age. Enjoy!

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We’re thrilled to welcome Kidstir as our sponsor for this episode of The Mom Hour. Kidstir’s mission is to educate, engage, and empower kids about good food and cooking while spending meaningful time with their families. They offer a subscription service for monthly, home-delivered cooking kits that provide hands-on food adventures for children. Each monthly cooking kit includes step by step recipes, kid-sized cooking tools, and games and activities to spark a love of good food in kids.

Sarah’s oldest has been enjoying the kits since receiving them as a Christmas gift last year, and we think they’d make a great holiday or birthday gift for kids ages 4-12!

Check them out at and use exclusive code MOMHOUR to get 10% off a new subscription. Prepaid 12 month subscribers also get a bonus cookbook binder so kids can build their own cookbooks!

kidstir cooking kit subscription for kids

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