Uggghhh…Sick Days: The Mom Hour, Episode 75

It’s officially cold and flu season and we’re devoting Episode 75 to coping when kids get sick. Join Meagan and Sarah for our tips on knowing when it’s time to get in to the pediatrician, dealing with ER and Urgent Care visits, and making the best of those times when a virus seems to take down the whole house.

Disclaimer. We’re not doctors, we’re moms. This episode isn’t medical advice, it’s story-sharing. The end.

Mommy Nearest

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We’re welcoming back Mommy Nearest as our sponsor for this episode! The Mommy Nearest mobile app gives you the freedom to explore even when you’re busy with little ones by taking the guesswork out of planning an outing or trip.


Whether you’re looking for places to change a dirty diaper in your own town, traveling to an unfamiliar city, or looking for great deals from local kid-friendly businesses, Mommy Nearest is with you every step of the way.

Head to or check the app store to download for free!

Links we mentioned (or should have) in Episode 75:

What are your favorite tips, products and survival hacks for sick days? Let us know!

Featured Image: Chris, via Flickr Creative Commons

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