Home Décor & Dining Out: The More-Than-Mom Hour, Episode 77

It’s time for another edition of The More-Than-Mom Hour! Every once in a while we set aside parenting and motherhood topics and catch up about what’s making us happy in other areas of life.

In Episode 77 we talk about decorating! Meagan has a new nook of her own to make pretty, and we both love changing up home decor for the holidays. We also share our favorite foods, drinks and treats to order when we’re dining out. Enjoy!

Meagan’s Office Coming Together!

meagan-office-6 meagan-office-5 meagan-office-4 meagan-office-3 meagan-office-2 meagan-office-1

Sarah’s Celebrity Moment

Humungous shout-out to fan and listener Katie, who recognized Sarah at a local playground and came up to say hi and chat about the show. It totally made our week!


What’s making you feel like “more than mom” lately? Got any requests for show topics like these? Hit us up by leaving a comment here (or hitting “reply” if you’re reading by email). 

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  1. Yep, I’m jealous of Meagan’s work space! I have dreams of building a “tiny house” in our back yard that will be my “office”, just for ME!!! Two loud/messy boys and a husband makes this introvert mama crave a place that is just her own! Enjoy your space, Meagan, its such a treasure. You’re doing a great job decorating!

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