Camping With Kids (And Other Outdoor Adventures): The Mom Hour, Episode 8

Camping with kids. You’re either doing it already… or you’re not. And if you’re not, is it because it seems intimidating? And a little, um, complicated?

If so, let this be the summer you give it a try! As part of our campaign with Kimberly-Clark (more on that, below), we’re talking all about getting kids out into nature this summer – including camping! Meagan’s an expert and Sarah’s a newbie, so between them you’ll have lots to learn (and probably laugh at).

Enjoy Episode 8!

A few things we mentioned in the episode…

Sponsor Spotlight:

A big thank you to our sponsor, Kimberly-Clark! In this episode we talked about the awesome Scott Tube-Free Toilet Paper, which makes for less waste, whether you’re camping or at home. You can find out more about the #CelebrateFamilyValues campaign at, and by following the #CelebrateFamilyValues hashtag on Twitter!



  1. I just listened to this episode and was so happy to hear you say that you don’t let your kids play in your tent. I feel like such an un-fun parent but I am very strict about keeping that door shut and keeping dirt and bugs out. I cringe when we’re camping with people who let their kids constantly go in and out. We now have a camper which makes it much easier to keep those kinds of things under control but I still don’t let the kids play in there very much. Our children are 6 years, 4 years, and 2 year old twins. We’ve been camping since before children and even camped with the twins when they were 2 months old (in a camper and about half a mile from our house…but still). Camping used to be about ME having fun, playing games and relaxing. I’m still trying to adjust myself to it not being about me. It has to be about the kids enjoyment or I just get frustrated that I’m working way too hard on a ‘vacation’.

  2. About Lyme disease – the 36 hour rule doesn’t make sense. All American posts on the subjects says what William (?) said. However, all Swedish rules say you get Borrelia (Lyme disease) in 24-36 hours and that you should remove the tick as soon as possible.
    And even if you live in an area where the ticks don’t have Lyme disease-things you can still get TBE (I don’t know the English name, we also call it Tuberkulos if that helps). However, you can get vaccinated against that disease, and you really should if you live in an area with that kind of ticks.

    My facts come mostly from being born (and now having a summer house) in the area of Sweden where there are the most ticks, and the most disease-carrying. I’ve been vaccinated since I was a kid.
    Sorry about the spelling, I feel like I just made up a bunch of words…

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