How To Take Better Photos of Your Kids: The Mom Hour, Episode 81

All the holiday cards arriving in the mail this month have us thinking about family portraits, taking photos (or having them taken) of our kids, and documenting life with little ones throughout the year. In Episode 81 we talk about how to take better photos of your kids (with the camera you already own), why school pictures are still a thing, when and how we’ve chosen to spring for professional photos, and how we manage to capture events like school plays and birthday parties without feeling like we spend the whole time behind the camera.

Next week we’ll have a follow up podcast episode all about what we DO with the photos we take – including tips for storing, organizing and creating keepsakes with your family photos. So check back here for Episode 82!

Sponsor Spotlight

Do you ever have a feeling that you could be taking better pictures of your kids? Do you wish you remembered to pull your camera out more often? Are you interested in brushing up your photography skills while documenting your family in 2017? Shoot Along, a year-long photography project for parents, is here to help!



Next year’s Shoot Along project, beginning January 1st, will guide thousands of parents who have come together to achieve one beautiful mission: to beautifully document their families’ “everyday” moments. Shoot Along empowers parents through weekly emails that include the following:

  • Photography Instruction: Week-by-week photography lessons delivered by email. Learn new concepts, build on your existing skills, or embrace topics as inspiration to remain technically and creatively open-minded! DSLR and Mobile lessons often overlap, but are tailored to the unique capabilities of each group.
  • Inspiring interviews: Respected professional photographers from around the world give a glimpse into their personal images, sharing pictures of their own families. They will describe how they get shots that are meaningful and authentic.
  • Discounts & trends: The Shoot Along leaders keep an eye on what’s happening in the photography community so that you can concentrate on photographing your family. They’ve also arranged exclusive discounts for members throughout the year from suppliers of beautiful photo products.
  • A Supportive Online Community: The Shoot Along Facebook Group is a supportive online community where members connect & share photography throughout the year.
  • BONUS Editing Tutorials*: Step-by-step videos delivered by email each week will show you how to add magic to your images. *Editing uses Photoshop Elements 14, which must be purchased separately

Links we mentioned (or should have!) in Episode 81


  1. Hi ladies, just wanted to let you know the link for shootalong seems to be broken… it’s directing to a blank page. Thanks for a nice gift idea! 🙂

  2. Speaking of keeping mom in the picture, I have a dslr camera so I use a little pocket tripod and a remote control to take pictures when I want to be in them. The remote was surprisingly inexpensive.

    • That’s so great to know, Melissa! Meagan recently got a tripod and remote for iPhone photography/videography, and that’s a great idea for DSLRs too. Thanks!

  3. Hahaha! I am laughing out loud as Meagan talks about choosing the pics where mom looks great even if the kiddos look funny. I totally do that too! So funny.

  4. Just curious if either of you have tried the course with Shoot Along.

    • Hi Kim! I only learned about them recently but got to see the content from 2016 and read through several lessons. I think it’s great!

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