How (and Why) to Spend One-on-One Time with Your Kids: The Mom Hour, Episode 86

We’re moms. We already spend a lot (in some cases A LOT) of time with our kids. So why add the sometimes-complicated task of setting aside one-on-one time for each child on a regular basis? Is it really that important?

In Episode 86 Meagan and Sarah break down this idea of “special time” and give some real-life tips (from our experience as moms of many) for carving out time with individual kids as they grow. We talk about the benefits of a little one-on-one time for toddlers adjusting to a new sibling or going through a clingy phase. We also discuss finding natural times throughout the week to connect with older kids who may not come right out and ask for our attention like the little ones do. And, as always, we try our best to debunk the myth that connecting with our kids needs to look like a perfectly balanced schedule or color-coded system.


Links we mentioned (or should have) in Episode 86:

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