Coping With Sleep Deprivation: The Mom Hour, Episode 87

Not sleeping? You’re not alone. In today’s podcast Meagan and Sarah offer helpful tips for making it through the day when your nights are long and, uh, eventful. Whether you have a new baby, a kid with bad dreams, or a struggle with insomnia yourself, we’re here to help. (If we could bring coffee, we’d do that too.)

Join us for Episode 87 of The Mom Hour!

Links we mentioned (or should have!) in Episode 87

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  1. Hi, my name is William and I LOVE listening to your podcast, it’s probably what I most look forward to in the week. Keep doing what your doing!

  2. Hello! I’m a couple of months behind in listening to your show, so I apologize that this comment is a bit outdated. Something that has helped me immensely during the afternoon, when I feel the most tired, is listening to a short guided meditation. It relaxes me enough that sometimes I’ll even fall asleep for a few minutes at the end of the meditation. Afterward, I truly feel more energized and focused to move through the rest of my day. I’m definitely a beginner when it comes to meditation, so the free guided meditations that are available on YouTube and through an app called Calm have been perfect for me. Just wanted to share! Thanks for your continual work producing this awesome show!

    • Hey friend! You know, this might actually work for me. I’ve tried doing short meditation sessions in the morning before the kids are up but 1) I want my coffee right away and it just gets cold sitting there while I breathe 🙂 2) If I wait until after coffee I’m too caffeinated 3) My brain just moves so fast in the am. I like the Calm app too. Thanks for the suggestion!

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