Listener Questions (Holiday Edition, Vol.1): The Mom Hour, Episode 79

It’s time for another Listener Question & Answer episode, and this time it’s holiday-themed! Join Meagan and Sarah as they tackle three questions from real moms about navigating some of the season’s trickier stuff.

First up, Sheri asks how we keep gift spending in check, and whether we have any budgeting tips to avoid going overboard on presents for our kids. (Our answer starts at 01:12)

Then Kelsey from The Girl Next Door podcast wondered about simple advent traditions to start with her two little ones. (We weigh in at 10:56)

And finally Emily is lucky enough to have two sets of parents/grandparents in the town where she lives, which during the holidays can lead to feeling like you’re shuttling kids all over town and never slowing down to relax and enjoy. (We offer our advice at 20:25)

Wait, there’s more!

We had so much fun doing a Facebook Live chat on Sunday evening. Watch our short 5-minute video (click here if you can’t see it embedded below) for our answers to two MORE listener-submitted holiday questions!


  1. Hi guys,

    Love the new intro! To add to the advent calendar conversation, we were also looking for something non-candy or toy based, and I found the Eric Carle calendar on Amazon:

    It’s cute and simple, and mostly sturdy enough for my 2.5 year old. My mom also offered the tip of putting the year on the back of the calendar once it’s done and sticking it back in with the Christmas decorations. We’ll probably get a different one next year, but it’ll be fun to look back on.

  2. We do a super simple paper ring chain (made from construction or craft paper) with 24 rings. We hang it in my son’s room and he tears off one ring each night before bed. He loves watching the chain get smaller and smaller and can count the rings to see how many nights are left until Christmas. It was also a fun and easy project to make together.

  3. I really enjoyed this episode! My oldest’s birthday is the 22nd, so we were somewhat forced into simplifying from the get go. Present-wise, Santa generally brings a large shared gift (Magnatiles, a teepee, etc), and then a book for each kid. It’s worked well so far!

    We’ve had this calendar for the past few years. It’s not the most Pinterest-y, but my kids LOVE it. They take turns hanging the ornaments on the tree, and even rearrange them throughout the day. I was just happy to have one that didn’t involve any trinkets and such, since we have enough going on with a birthday in the mix. (I will say that she absolutely loves having her birthday near Christmas, and on her day we have a “birthday tree” where we add pink ribbon and a birthday hat to our Christmas tree – I store all the stuff in with our holiday decorations!)

  4. This is an Advent calendar I love for younger kids. It’s fisher price (so great quality) and fabric/velcro so I have this one hanging in my girls’ bedroom!

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