Shopping, Styling & Storing Kids’ Clothes: The Mom Hour, Episode 90

Which kids’ clothing brands look great, don’t cost a fortune, and wear well through the active years of childhood? That’s what listener Andrea wanted to know when she sent us this question via Facebook:

Do you guys have any tips or go-to brands for quality children’s clothing (but affordable)? In six years, I’ve learned that GAP clothing sometimes shrinks, movie character shirts from Target stretch out easily, and I’m still looking for coat zippers that don’t break! Thanks! Love your show!

Andrea’s question inspired Episode 90, where Meagan and Sarah talk all about kids’ clothes – where we shop, how we style our kids, and tips for storing and organizing all those clothes. It’s a fun conversation with a ton of tips – enjoy!

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Links we mentioned (or should have) in Episode 90

We’d love to hear feedback from you! Where do you shop? Any mom-owned boutique apparel lines to recommend? 

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  1. Right now I’m loving the Cate & Jack line from Target. I also love Mini Boden and Tucker & Tate for girls. Both higher end but I shop sales.
    Now for total randomness. From this episode the thing I latched onto was that Sarah mentioned she uses cloth napkins. I love this idea because we waste so many paper napkins. What kind do you buy and how many do you go through in a week. Thanks!

    • I buy most of my daughters clothes on line at They ship to the US and they have a vast choice of designers clothes. Deux par deux, a canadian brand is amazing, and the snowsuits are the best. Deux par deux also have ‘jeggings’ that last for ever. Desigual kids make orignal pieces, but you have to check the website often to get them under 40$.

      Have a nice day

    • @Kim – I got a simple 12-pack of cloth napkins from Bed Bath & Beyond. They’re easy to bleach because they’re white. I wouldn’t spend too much since my 2 kids stain theirs, but they do the job. I just change them out when they look bad (maybe every other day?) and each child can have their own napkin ring so they know which one is their’s.

  2. The vast majority of Baguette’s clothing comes from Boden (shirts and leggings–the leggings seem to wear VERY well, although YMMV) and Hanna Andersson (shirts, bike shorts, and yoga pants). I try to buy only on sale, but she is very particular about the feel and fit of her clothes due to sensory issues. If she’ll wear it, it’s worth buying. We’ve had some luck with Gymboree and Naartje, although unfortunately the latter is no longer available in the U.S., even online.

    For truly lovely and (for us) unaffordable clothes, I recommend Janie and Jack. They’re out of our price range by quite a ways, but the clothing is beautiful. We’ve gotten a few items used, but it’s not a line that has been in regular rotation in our household.

    I’ve had some luck finding used clothing on eBay and ThredUp, so those might be sources for people who don’t have children’s consignment nearby.

  3. Check out Primary for the basics to pair with other patterned clothing – good quality at very reasonable prices. No holes in the leggings yet!

  4. I love Primary too! They don’t always have all sizes/colors in stock but hopefulky that is something they are working through as a new company. Zara & H&M have super on-trend stuff too for little kids/babies.

  5. Another vote for Primary – the leggings are great. Their stuff is great for costumes too – our Halloween included a pumpkin and a black cat!

    For girls, we’ve become huge fans of Princess Awesome – fantastic twirly dresses with dinosaur/science/etc patterns. A bit more expensive, but we’ve been really pleased with the quality, and for my two girls who only wear dresses it’s been a great way to still show their interest in robots or rocket ships!

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