Raising Lifelong Learners: The Mom Hour, Episode 95

How do we raise curious kids who love to learn, and who discover and follow their own interests? How do we cultivate a home environment that supports kids’ intellectual development without going overboard and zapping the joy right out of learning? These are questions that Meagan and Sarah tackle in Episode 95. Join us!

The Mom Hour Mother’s Day Challenge

Meagan read one of the first letters we received in our Mother’s Day Challenge on this week’s podcast! Can you relate to this one? Know someone who might need to hear these words? Share the image on social media, tagging @TheMomHour and using the hashtag #TMHMothersDay so we can see your posts.

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Links we mentioned (or should have!) in Episode 95

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  1. Hey Sarah and Meagan, I love the podcast. I found you about a year ago and have made it *almost* all the way through the archives! I don’t usually leave comments, but I just had to share two awesome resources based on the Sarah and Katie’s segment at the end of the show about diastasis recti.

    Katy Bowman is a biomechanist with lots of resources to offer – a book titled “Diastasis Recti”, her blog KatySays.com and her podcast Nutritious Movement. She’s a mother of two with all sorts of fabulous information and exercises to help restore our core and gain whole-body strength.

    MutuSystem is a internet-video based exercise program designed by Wendy Powell specifically for postpartum mamas. Its a 12 week program developed by a mom of two that is super gentle and encouraging and just fantastic. She’s also British so I love listening to her accent! 🙂

    I hope that these resources can help someone. In the past two years, I’ve gone from leaking pee frequently and not even being able to flex my core muscles, to being able to run, jump, do 4 pull-ups, lots of pushups, planks, etc. My body feels strong and all my progress is thanks to these two ladies and their work.

  2. Hi Katie! Thank you so much for sharing these resources from another ‘Katy’! Reading that you have been able to regain strength so significantly gives me so much hope! Not sure if I will ever be able to do a pull-up though! LOL! I will check out Katy’s stuff immediately!!

  3. I loved this episode for so many reasons. This is one that I will come back and listen to again and again. My first step is to get some of those DK Publishing books on our shelves – such a great tip!

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