Magical Night Visitors (Elves, Bunnies, Fairies & Jolly Fat Dudes): The Mom Hour, Episode 96

To Elf or not to Elf? What’s the going rate for a tooth these days? And when did a St. Patrick’s Day visit from the leprechaun become a THING? In Episode 96 of The Mom Hour Meagan and Sarah talk about how these magical night visitors–from St. Nick and the Easter Bunny to lesser-known myths like the pacifier fairy–work in our families. Join us!

The Mom Hour Mother’s Day Challenge

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  1. We’ve done virtually nothing with Santa (stockings at most), and the Easter Bunny only hides eggs–no baskets involved, beyond one that is used to collect the eggs once they are found. I had never heard of the leprechaun thing until this podcast, and I’m not jumping on that bandwagon.

    The Tooth Fairy is probably the one we’ve given the most thought to, and here’s our approach: The Tooth Fairy likes to trade, but has no idea of the value of money, or even what money is. (The hope is that this will stave off confusion about what other kids get.)

    So Baguette has gotten a silver dollar, two Philippine pesos, a set of Pajanimals plushes, a box of Magnatiles, and a dollar. A number of her teeth have vanished entirely; once they’re out, she has no interest in them and literally tosses them to the side. If you don’t see her do that at the time, there’s no hope of finding it.

    It’s also evident that the Tooth Fairy has no concept of money, but also has a real problem with impulse control.

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