Minivans, Mom-Mobiles, and Grownup Cars: The Mom Hour, Episode 97

Meagan’s kids are getting older and car seats and boosters are a thing of the past. Sarah is still the thick of it with three young kids and lots of driving around town. Can you guess which of us a drives a brand new, “murdered out” crossover SUV and which of us is rocking a filthy, cluttered minivan?

We had fun in Episode 97 talking all about our cars — what we drive, how clean is “clean enough” for us, and what we’ve learned over the years about keeping the car relatively organized and functional as it relates to family life. Join us!

Links we mentioned (or should have!) in Episode 97

What are you driving these days? Any tips for keeping your car organized and family-friendly?


  1. Love this episode! I might be the over organized Mom, but I keep a bag in the trunk that has a spare outfit, diapers, wipes, blanket, skippy cup, sunscreen, and bottles of water you know just in case. 😉 I also have a bag of toys in the backseat some of these are those stocking stuffer toys you receive at Christmas. I also have books for my child to read as well. Yes, I’m that strange over-prepared Mom!

  2. We live in Ottawa, Ontario and don’t own a car. I do have a license and we rent a car about once a month to run errands and go on far flung adventures. We also have a membership to a car sharing cooperative which is great for short trips and last minute rentals.

    Once the snow melts we travel by bike frequently. I started with a seat at the front of the bike when my little guy was about one year old. We transitioned to a rear kids seat shortly after he turned two. I’m looking at purchasing a cargo bike as he is now almost 5 and getting too big for the rear seat. I could also use more cargo space. We love the bike because we are not dependent on the bus schedule and can travel on our own schedule.

    We also travel by public bus frequently. We’re fortunate that children 5 and under are free and then kids are half price. My son is a bus riding expert and loves to sit in the very back, preferably by a window.

    Cabs are also an option but we usually only use them to go to the airport.

  3. Another city-dweller here. We live in Manhattan and do have a car (almost 6k miles after 3 years!), but can go weeks without driving it.

    I laughed hearing you talk about the school run. My oldest’s school is almost a mile away, and given various logistics, we walk there and back no matter the weather – with me pushing my youngest in a stroller and with my middle riding on the skateboard! Needless to say, my “big” stroller is more like a minivan, and particularly in the summer I leave wipes/sunscreen/etc in the basket. On the walk home from school it’s full of backpacks/snacks/who knows what. It’s not the best setup in rainy/cold weather, but we get our exercise!

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