Body Confidence As A Mom: The Mom Hour, Episode 99

Popular media tells us we’re supposed to love our bodies (and then gives us 19 Ways To Bounce Back After Baby), but coming to terms with the changes that childbirth, breastfeeding, and plain ol’ aging bring to our bodies is complicated and sometimes really hard. Join Meagan and Sarah for a frank discussion about body confidence as a mom (including feeling not-so-confident and being okay with that) in Episode 99 of The Mom Hour.

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  1. I loved this episode. As usual y’all made it clear that everyone is allowed to feel however they want, but I enjoyed the tip to embrace one thing that you like about yourself (and to ask someone if you can’t figure out what that is!) and that you are not defined by your negative features. My favorite tidbit though, was the idea that we have to normalize things before we can be comfortable with them. I have saggy baggy stretched out skin on my stomach. I am a ‘normal’ weight in a healthy BMI range and actually, losing weight just makes my skin more saggy. Luckily, I knew it was probably going to happen to me because my mother and older sister have the same issue. One day, I searched for google images of other women with this same issue and was shocked to see hundreds of pictures that looked just like me. I had no idea that stretchy, floppy skin was so prevalent. While I am still not comfortable rocking a bikini, I did purchase a high waisted two piece bathing suit for this summer. Thanks for the great topic!

  2. Quick advice someone gave me about the diaper pail. Put the poop into the toilet. No smells and better for earth and people.

    • Thanks for the tip, Amanda! I admittedly tried that awhile ago, and not all members of the family *cough* (my husband) were faithful rule followers, so now poopie diapers are thrown straight in our outdoor trash. Lol.

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