Holiday ENCORE #1: Gifts That Go The Distance

Which holiday gifts will make your kids’ faces light up when they open them AND still be among their favorites years down the line? We share our picks for gifts that go the distance – for every age and every price range – in a special ENCORE presentation of Episode 28 (specially updated for 2016). Join us!

Our 2015 Holiday Gift Guide – UPDATED for 2016!

We spent most of Episode 28 talking about toys and gift for kids that get played with year after year (and kid after kid). Since we mentioned a TON of products and ideas during the podcast, we’ve tried to break them down by category here. All links have been checked for 2016, and updated as necessary!

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Gift Guides & Resources

Gifts for babies & toddlers

Gifts for preschool & little kids

Gifts for big kids & teens

Other great stuff we talked about


  1. If you have lots of Lego it’s totally worth picking up a brick separator to save your nails.

  2. We bought the 7″ Kindle Fire last month for $33. The great thing is that you can set it up with profile for each kid. We pay some $ (can’t remember how much) but it gives my kids unlimited access to tons of games and books! It is so easy when we are trying to get in our reading minutes and we are bored with our book shelf. We pull out their kindle and log in and age appropriate (and best sellers) are right there for instant reading. (wifi required).

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