Holiday ENCORE #2: Magic Is For Moms, Too

This is a special encore presentation of one of 2015’s best holiday-themed podcast episodes. It’s all about how moms can re-claim the magic of the season for themselves. Enjoy, and let us know what you think!

“Simplify” has become one of the buzziest holiday buzzwords over the last decade, and in this podcast episode Meagan and Sarah are unpacking what that really means in their homes. Whether you really do want to scale back this season or whether, like us, you’re just out to maximize magic and minimize stress, we hope you’ll join us!

Links we mentioned (or should have!) in Episode 30

Happy December, friends! How will you be enjoying the season this year?


  1. I just had to pop over to the website and let you know how much I loved this podcast! I feel like again and again, at some point in every episode, you both free me of so much pressure. Especially as a mom of toddlers and babies, I feel like I’m constantly failing to measure up to the social media “mom standard” like you said. You guys are like a healthy slap in the face reminding me that I need to just do it our own way, in our own timing in whatever way is best for our family! Even if that way is messy or imperfect. I have a much needed “duh” moment every time and feel so much better. I think I just needed for another mom to say this stuff out loud. Anyway, THANK YOU for your refreshing podcasts. I look forward to them every week!

    • Avery, this comment made my day! Love seeing you on social media, and here in the comments. We really truly love what we do, and hearing this from you makes it all worth it. You’re doing a great job!

      (Also “healthy slap in the face” is my new favorite thing to be called.)

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