Holiday ENCORE #3: Our Favorite Christmas Books, Movies & Music

This is an encore presentation of one of our favorite holiday episodes from last year. The links have all been updated for 2016. Enjoy!

Have you been meaning to watch old holiday film classics but never get around to it? Or are you just as disturbed as we are by some of the mid-century Christmas TV programming (looking at you, Rudolph)? In this podcast episode, Meagan and Sarah talk about our favorite – and not-so-much – holiday movies, TV, books, and music. Join us!

Links we discussed in Episode 31









  1. Your comment about Wisconsin in Love Actually… That’s 100% the American stereotype here in Europe, hahaha! Made me laugh 🙂 And it’s absolutely my favorite holiday movie. So much tear material.

  2. One Magic Christmas was one of my family holiday movies. I remember seeing it a number of times as a child and thanks for the reminder I will have to see it again this season when my family is in town.

  3. One Magic Christmas! As a kid, we owned a VHS version taped from tv! I’ve seen it at least a dozen times maybe more. I actually bought it for my dad this Christmas because it’s his favorite! Thank you Amazon! I’m right there with you Sarah, a child of the 80s who counts this among Christmas movies that you should watch at least once!

  4. I loved One Magic Christmas as a child and am happy to find others that remember it! That said….I watched it a couple,years ago with my husband for the first time in many years and you are so right… depressing and sad, but still a great story!! I also totally agree with your stressful assessment of The Polar Express! Great book though and I do love the soundtrack to the movie. 🙂 happy holidays to you both, love your show! It’s like chatting with friends.

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