Talking Sex Ed, Puberty, & Growing Up with Nora Gelperin & The Mom Hour Voices, Episode 12

Does the phrase ‘sex ed’ conjure up super awkward memories of the low-production-value videos you had to watch with your 5th grade classmates? If so, we’ve got great news for you. When it comes time to talk about puberty, growing up, and relationships with your kids, there’s a much better way.

In this episode of our Mom Hour Voices, Meagan and Sarah talk with Nora Gelperin, Director of Sexuality Education and Training at Advocates for Youth. Nora’s calm, confident, and easy approach to talking about tough subjects with kids of all ages put our minds at ease, and even made us eager to open up dialogue with our kids. Take a listen!

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As parents, we know we’re supposed to be having these conversations with our kids, but it’s tempting to put them off. AMAZE videos are designed to help you break the ice and start these critical conversations so that your kids get the accurate information they need.

We loved partnering with AMAZE on this episode. Check out their Facebook page for tips and ideas on talking with your kids about sex, relationships, and growing up.

About Nora Gelperin

Nora Gelperin is the Director of Sexuality Education and Training at Advocates for Youth. She has more than twenty years of experience providing sexuality education to youth and professional development to school health and education professionals. Prior to joining Advocates she was the Director of Training at Answer where she founded the Training Institute in Sexual Health Education (TISHE) and Answer’s online professional development workshops. Nora holds a Masters in School Health Education from Temple University and has been named a 2014 Fellow of the American School Health Association.

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