Managing Stress and Uncertainty with Divorce Coach Jessica Ashley: The Mom Hour Voices, Episode 15

Anyone who’s been through a divorce or other major life change knows that stress, uncertainty, and feeling out of control are unavoidable. But you CAN find ways to quiet the chatter in your head, take care of yourself, and take steps toward creating the kind of life you want to live – no matter what circumstances you’re in. In episode 15 of The Mom Hour Voices, Meagan chats with Jessica Ashley, certified divorce coach and founder of Single Mom Nation, about managing stress and getting your feet back on solid ground during uncertain times.

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  • And if you’re facing a life “reinvention” like changing jobs, pursuing a creative passion, or just trying to make the pieces of your life fit together better, Meagan would love for you to take this survey indicating your interest in a new course she’s putting together. 


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