Strong As A Mother with Kate Rope: The Mom Hour Voices, Episode 26

“Having help and support is the way nature intended for us to make human beings”. So says journalist and author Kate Rope in her new book all about how moms can take better care of their mental, emotional, and physical selves from pregnancy through parenthood. Kate joins Sarah in Episode 26 in our Voices interview series to talk about her own journey through postpartum anxiety, and how moms can support each other during new motherhood. Join us!

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  1. Sarah and Meghan,
    This voice’s series with Kate Rope was one of your best podcasts! As an OBGYN provider I can not tell you how informative and refreshing this episode was for your listeners. I see patients every week who are suffering for various reasons during the post partum period and I thought you did a wonderful job simply describing all the thoughts/symptoms that one might be experiencing and letting your listeners know what is normal and when it is time to seek help. I teach a childbirth class as well and I always stress many of the very things you mentioned in this podcast about when to seek medical help and to not feel afraid to ask for help from family and friends. We are so isolated as moms and there is a definite feeling of having to do it all and be that super mom. It was nice to hear respected normal moms say that you don’t have to do it all and that that is ok!

    Sarah, you are an excellent interviewer and Kate was amazing.

    On a more personal level, I recently have been supporting my sister who is battling with post partum anxiety after the birth of her third child. Multiple times, I heard her say “No one ever tells you about the anxiety part. My doctors all just talked to me about the depression part. I’m not sad all the time, it’s the racing thoughts, compulsiveness, and insomnia that are making me so crazy!” I have found this so true in my profession and make a point to continually talk to moms about the anxiety component, b/c that is a very real issue. Thank you for doing this interview and talking about an issue that needs to be talked about, but in a friendly non-judgmental way.

    • Emily, thank you so SO much for this comment. It truly made my day. The fact that this was helpful to you (and rang true for you) as an OB/GYN is a huge compliment. Thank you for taking the time to comment and let us know you liked the episode. I appreciate it so much!

  2. ^^^YES! to all of your comment, Emily. This was such a relatable episode. I have sent it to all of my mom friends who came back to me (some in tears) saying THANK YOU! Thank you for telling me that I am not alone. That this is not weird. That I am not a freak for thinking these things or feeling this way. Thank you!

    • Abby, thank you so much! Sharing with your friends is such a huge compliment to us and the show. We appreciate it so much! Glad you enjoyed the episode.

  3. Just finished this podcast and it inspired me to comment for the first time after a year of listening. Thank you for such a real conversation. I wish I’d had a better understanding of post partum anxiety when I had my daughter last year!

    • Lisa, thank you so much for taking the time to comment. So glad you enjoyed this episode and that you’re part of our community!

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