Mamas Of The NICU with Bianca Dottin: The Mom Hour Voices, Episode 27

Bianca Dottin’s second pregnancy was long-awaited and relatively drama-free. But when baby Tristan arrived at 34 weeks and was admitted to the NICU unable to breathe on his own, it was clear that her life was about to change. In this month’s Voices interview episode, Bianca shares her NICU story with Sarah, including how 6 months in the NICU inspired her to start a community and collection of resources to support other moms with babies in the NICU.

A note from Sarah: This episode includes a beautiful and authentic story of infant loss, grief, and healing. We hope you’ll listen, but wanted to give a heads up so that those of you for whom hearing about traumatic birth experiences or infant loss will bring up feelings of anxiety or pain can make the decision of whether to listen or not. If you’re having feelings of anxiety about your pregnancy or your baby’s health, we recommend listening to this interview from last month, and speaking with your healthcare provider to get the support you deserve.  

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