How To Be A Happier Parent with KJ Dell’Antonia: The Mom Hour Voices, Episode 28

Happiness in parenting doesn’t mean mean skipping through fields of daisies with a brood of clean, cheerful, never-whining children who eat their veggies and always put their dirty clothes in the hamper. In reality, it’s a much messier–but totally attainable–thing.

In this episode of The Mom Hour Voices, Sarah talks with writer KJ Dell’Antonia about cultivating happiness as a mom in the midst of sibling fighting, grumpy mornings, and endless screen-time negotiations. KJ’s new book, How To Be A Happier Parent, offers specific strategies from both parenting experts and real-life moms and dads for tackling some of the most common pain points that accompany modern parenting. Join us!

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  1. I normally love your content but the woman on this episode was really annoying and not helpful at all.

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