Finding Your Voice As Your Kids Get Older With Asha Dornfest: The Mom Hour Voices, Episode 31

If your kids are little, maybe you’ve wondered what it’s really like to send a child off to college. Or maybe you’ve pondered how your mom-life – and the way you relate to the world – might change as your children grow. In this episode, Meagan and the always warm, wise and wonderful Asha Dornfest discuss parenting older kids, “growing up” as a mom while and looking forward to what’s next, and even have a (totally non-partisan) conversation about politics, the importance of listening to each other, and how YOU can make a difference in your world – even if you’re still in the overwhelming baby and toddler stages.

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Asha also offered these ideas of ways you can quickly and easily get involved in your community and our world – some of which you can do without even leaving your house:

  • Nudge your friends and family to vote. This is the MOST important thing you can do, with the potential for the biggest impact.
  • Drive a neighbor to the polls, help them find information, and encourage them to participate.
  • Get election reminders, register to vote, get polling place locations and more:
  • Make phone calls for local, state, and national candidates you support.
  • Google your favorite candidate’s name and sign up for a volunteer shift through their website.
  • Support quality journalism and subscribe to a reputable newspaper.
  • Write a letter to the editor of your local paper sharing your values and opinions.
  • Throw a voting party. Invite friends over for snacks, drinks, and discussion about local candidates and ballot measures.

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