Hangover Cures and Dealing With Burnout: Selfie, Episode 24

It’s possible this episode was recorded WHILE HUNGOVER in Palm Springs. We chat how to avoid hangovers, and also have an interview with Jane Mosbacher Morris of To The Market, who saw a need for empowering global women and came up with a practical solution through ethically-made goods. Jane had a pretty intense experience with burnout and shares her story with us. 

In this episode, we talk about:

Nux Vomica

Just the Wine

Alka Seltzer

We were a little buzzed during this Facebook Live we made.

Also, check out the cute goods at To The Market, which are made by global artisans who are paid a fair trade. We are partial to the WOVEN TRAY IN BLACK AND WHITE, the MELI NAPKINS, the ARTISAN KANTHA ENVELOPE CLUTCH and the ETHICAL MIDI CROSSBODY BAG.

We also talked about Annie’s Kit Clubs, a subscription service for crafts that makse it easy for your kids to become makers and builders with their crafting and woodworking kits for kids ages 7-12  Kits come with complete materials, illustrated step-by-step instructions, and the materials needed to create a finished project kids will feel proud of. For 50% off the Young Woodworkers Club or 80% off the Creative Girls Club, visit annieskitclubs.com/life.

We also have a great offer from Canvas People, a company that prints your favorite photos on canvas for really unique and beautiful prints. We have a special code that you can use to get an 11×14 Canvas People print FREE. This is a $69.99 value.  All you do is pay the shipping and handling. Visit CanvasPeople.com, upload your photo, and enter this special code: SELFIE.


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  1. Hey Ladies, love the pod. It’s one of my new favourites and I’m always so happy to see a new episode come out. It’s like chatting with an old friend. Not old old but… You know what I mean.

    The one hangover cure you must try is activated charcoal capsules. Pop a couple before bed and it is goes to work sopping up all of the toxins and crap that makes you feel so rough the next day. It’s pretty incredible. I’m also a bit gluten sensitive and it’s a great way to mitigate damage if I indulge a little. Only caveat is that it blocks the absorption of other stuff too so I you wouldn’t want to take it with medication or supplements.

    Just wanted to share that little nugget with you. 😊

    Keep up the good work ladies. And thanks for making my Wednesdays a little bit brighter.

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