Periods + More Myers Briggs + Brow Shaping: Selfie, Episode 02

We’re talking periods and the unwelcome symptoms that go along with them, as well as N vs. S on the Myers-Briggs and secrets to shaping your brows well. We get real about the frustrating aspects of periods, from clots to cramps, from bleed-outs to perimenopause and that tricky moment you realize that your white hot rage about your husband not emptying the dishwasher might actually be fueled by PMS. Oops. 

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  1. Follow both your blogs, loving the podcast. I am 45, I have an IUD and I have no periods and have not for years and it has drastically reduced my peri-menopause symptoms.

  2. I love this podcast! Thank you so much for the straight shooting and laughter.

  3. Me too, Karen! I’m 47. Although I’m nervous because I have an appt in early Nov to get it removed and replaced. This is my first time and the thought of removal makes me cringe. I’ve been told though that it’s not bad at all. Either way, those few min are totally worth no periods 🙂

    • I am not going to lie, it’s not fun having it switched out. Painful but not for long. Motrin helps and then it’s totally worth it!

  4. Excellent podcast ladies – half of the world can completely relate. As a 49 year old who has already gone through menopause I found myself commenting throughout the show “oh, just wait. oh, just wait.” I find aging is an endless loop of the Kubler Ross model of the five stages of grief. =) Self care has never been so applicable, thank you!

  5. Love the podcast! Are you guys familiar with the enneagram? It’s another personality typing, but I think that you guys would be interested in it. I’ve heard it said that the Meyers-Briggs is based on your behavior, but the enneagram is based on the motivation behind the behavior. On the first podcast, Kristen was talking about achievement vs relationships and the cultural differences, but I think a lot of it is personality types too. Interested in your thoughts.

  6. Just discovered your podcast and this episode has me hooked. Thank you for the candid discussion. I knew I was going through perimenopause but haven’t read a lot about it (my denial coping method) but your podcast had me going – omg, omg, omg this is my life right now! Research commencing now!

  7. I also left my eyebrows behind in the early aughts and am always searching for products to create a natural looking brow. Last year, I switched from the Anastasia Brow Wiz to NYX Micro Brow. It’s half the price and (I think) a better pencil. I just use that to fill in patchy areas and then follow up with Glossier Boy Brow (which I *LOVE*).

  8. Based on your review, I purchased Wunderbrow. GAMECHANGER. I’m like Kristen with eyebrows that are pale and slowly fading away. Had a similar routine: Get waxed > tint at home > fill in with pencil and eyeshadow as needed. With Wunderbrow, I just have to wax > Wunderbrow when I do my makeup. And the harder brush gives them such a great shape and texture. Thanks SO much! Loving your podcast.

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