Hair + Body Positivity + Myers Briggs T vs. F: Selfie, Episode 04

This is our hair episode! We talk all things follicular, from going gray to the best flat iron to whether or not those hair pills really work. Plus, body positivity – we’re positively conflicted about it. We love the movement and yet . . . And Thinking vs. Feeling: what the third Myers Briggs quadrant means for your personality and your own self-care habits.

In this episode, we talked about:

Lisa from This Organic Girl is growing out her gray and we are here for it.

Hairprint is a great nontoxic hair dye.

If you are looking for a good biotin supplement, Natrol has great ratings on Amazon.

Sarah has rounded up all of her favorite organic haircare products on her blog.

We are both fans of Acure Organics Shampoo and Conditioner. So affordable!

Kristen loves Grove Collaborative for clean beauty products.

Pharmaca always has great deals on natural and organic haircare and makeup.

If you are looking for higher-end natural haircare, Sarah loves Rahua and True Botanicals. Josh Rosebrook has great styling products.  

Kristen swears by Chi Silk Infusion for her brittle gray hair.

Wanna learn to do beachy waves? Check out Sarah’s tutorials. Waves with a curling iron or waves with a flat iron.

We are both fans of the more spendy Sedu flat iron for creating waves, but on a budget, check out this Conair number. Sarah also loves Hot Tools for curls.

Want to upgrade your hair dryer? Sarah loves the Sedu 4000i and Kristen is a fan of the Babyliss.

In our next few episodes, we are talking about the Meyer’s Brigg’s personality types. If you’ve never figured out your type, check out this Myers Briggs online test for free. It’s fascinating and informative.

We were touched by this open letter from Serena Williams to her mom about body positivity.


  1. My favorite part of this podcast was the body positivity segment. It’s gone way too far, and in my opinion, it’s obnoxious. Obviously we don’t have to live striving for the governmental standards for what is considered obese and best ourselves up when we don’t meet them. However, there are definite risks to being overweight and not taking care of yourself. Like Kristen, I am not particularly happy with my current size and how crappy my body feels, but I also try to use that for motivation.

  2. I wanted to quickly add something to the body shaming topic. I think the conversation on body shaming tends to stay on people who may be larger than they like. However, body shaming has always also affected those of us who are skinny. I’m naturally skinny, have chicken legs that I HATE, and have skinny kids. I work out to add muscle to my frame – not to lose weight. But my entire life I’ve had people feel that it’s ok to make really tactless comments about my body and that somehow because they’re not calling me fat that it’s fine. I have people say things like “what would you know about dieting – you’re one of those skinny bitches” and then laugh; I’ve had people comment about being amazed to watch me eat a normal meal because they assume I must have an eating disorder, etc. And now my kids also are getting complexes about their frames from friends who feel they can say anything they like about chicken legs, skinny bodies, etc. I think the way society handles “skinny” people also needs to change.

    • I absolutely agree, Heidi. I too have been referred to as “a skinny bitch,” so I definitely feel you. The focus needs to be on health, not size! – sarah

  3. I’m really enjoying the podcast! It is a great combo of light and heavy topics plus I finally feel like I get Myers Briggs better (I’m more into and biased toward the Enneagram). Kristen, have you tried Aveda’s dry shampoo? It is a powder so seems like it would be less damaging than the spray on products. It takes a little time to master but works well.

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