Internet Addiction + Spiritual Detachment + TV As Self-Care: Selfie, Episode 07

Is the internet making us dumber? More dumb? How can detachment help us avoid self-hate? And can watching TV be a form of self-care? In this episode, we chat about our collective addiction to scrolling the internet, and the negative effects of screentime (and how to get control.) We also chat with Cheri Huber, author of There Is Nothing Wrong with You: Going Beyond Self-Hate and founder of the Zen Monastery Peace Center , about the process of letting go of our negative personal narratives. And we chat about television as an escape, and some of our current guilty pleasures on TV.

In this episode, we talked about:


  1. I use an app from to lock me out of apps for a set period of time. If you try to check a forbidden app, you get a gentle scolding. If you desperately need to check Instagram or Facebook, you have to wait 60 seconds (and you have to keep your eyes on the timer, because if your phone goes dark, the timer resets).

  2. This episode was timely for me because I’ve recently been working on ways to cut back on my phone time after noticing that my husband and I will go an entire evening without talking to each other after the kids are in bed because we’re glued to our phones.

    I highly suggest the book “Bored and Brilliant” by Manoush Zomorodi. It actually gives helpful tips for using our phones less and getting back to being okay with boredom and the freedom of thought. I just read it and already find myself putting my phone back in my purse when I’m waiting places (the hospital waiting room yesterday) and just focusing on the things happening around me. Also, I’m trying to not carry my phone in my hand as a crutch everywhere I go. Nothing makes you more aware of your bad habits than your kids emulating them. My 4 and 2 year old suddenly can’t go from room to room of our house without their play phones…I’ve created monsters!

  3. How did you not mention that Laura Linney is on Ozark?! I loved her in The Big C!

  4. I love your podcast! One of my new favorites. I have a question: on a recent episode Kristen mentioned that her assistant reads important emails to her over a voice app, and then she responses back with her answers. This was SUPER interesting to me as someone who also owns their own business! I’d love to hear more about “hiring help with your business/outsourcing certain career tasks” as a form of self-care. How does it work? Is it hard to train? Are there any innovative ways to do it while keeping costs down? Thanks again for an awesome show!

  5. I am still a huge book reader. I can only scroll Facebook so many times hoping there’s some new update. I always read before bed; I’ve started looking at my phone one last time before heading up to bed and then plugging it in and being done with it for the night. It’s much nicer to fall asleep not ruminating on the real world!

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