Favorite Snacks + Enneagram Type 6: Selfie, Episode 17

We’re talking favorite snacks, both salty and sweet, healthy and splurge-worthy. We also talk with Carlee Lane about being an enneagram type 6.

In this episode we mention the following snacks:

We are loving The Road Back to You by Ian Cron to learn more about our enneagram types.

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  1. You two are great, I love the Enneagram (and every other personality test out there) but this one is so freakishly dead on – I love it. This episode was great; never mind those nay sayers!

    Snack wise I have a couple suggestions that you didn’t mention:
    TJ’s raw pumpkin seeds coupled w/ wasabi peas
    Chobani Coconut yogurt w/ chopped almonds stirred in
    Both are so good!

    BTW, Kristen, we are looking forward to Beer & Hymns on 2/11; we were there last year for the first time & loved it. You may or may not remember us, but we were leaving at the same time you were and chatted w/ you & Chad. Hope to see you soon 🙂

  2. Hey gals! Loved it . I’m finally getting in to the enneagram thing. Just wanted to let you know, fruit goes on the counter. That’s why they leave it out in the grocery store. So it will ripen. Blessings, Amy

  3. I saw a BBC TV show last year about how not to waste food, and the experts recommended keeping apples in the fridge, as the coldness keeps them fresher much longer/stops them from ripening into mush. Apparently, harvested apples are kept refrigerated until they hit the supermarket shelves. I’ve refrigerated my apples since hearing it, and they do stay crisp for much longer than they do in the fruit bowl.

  4. My former landlords used to keep apples that they picked from their backyard apple trees in their basement, kind of a cellar-type situation. They lasted all winter that way.

    I love the enneagram talk (5w4). Part of the enneagram that I like the most is the paths of growth – it’s not who you are, but points to habitual motivations of behavior. Exploring or emphasizing that more might be helpful.

  5. I wanted to jump in after you acknowledged some negative feedback on your Enneagram series, as I have found it SO helpful and seriously life changing. Last week I had a soul crushing conflict with a coworker that left me totally depleted and near tears. I happened to turn on your episode on my commute home about Enneagram Type 5 and MY GOD if it wasn’t speaking directly to me. I realized in that moment that my coworker, bless her heart, is a type 5 and our entire conflict had nothing to do with me. It’s her way of reacting to a problem. When your guest said that she wished that more people would just listen to her because SHE knows I best I was dying. YES. That is a type 5. As a Type 9 Peacemaker was totally thrown off by her reactions but now I understand a little more of how she tics and how she works. THANK YOU. Thank you for exploring this system and thank you for your hard work! Also, thank you for the great snack suggestions on this week’s ep! Heading to Trader Joes after work…

  6. I was shocked to hear that you have listeners complaining about the Enneagram series. I have enjoyed most of your topics, but I LOVE this one and really look forward to each episode. I’ll be sad when it’s over! I love Ian Morgan Cron’s book and have done some other reading on the Enneagram, but I’ve especially appreciated the interviews you’ve done. It’s so enlightening to hear people tell their own experiences. The Four interviewee who mentioned going to a seminar where the speaker said the Fours in a room are often the ones wearing hats–that blew my mind because that is MY MOM. Until that moment, I hadn’t pegged her as a Four but I’ve been thinking a lot about it and I really think that might be her type and if so, it illuminates a lot about our relationship over the years (I am a One, and probably the earliest conflict pattern I remember with my mom is our differing fashion sense, even when I was a young child). She’s planning to read the book and I’m so interested to see if my guess is right. 🙂 All that to say, I have really been benefitting from all your work and insights in this series, so thanks to both of you and your guests!

    And apples on the counter. Except sometimes I wait to long to eat them and they lose their crispness…but I much prefer the taste of a room temp apple. Fruit in general tastes better to me when it’s not super cold…more natural? Anyway, I’m with Sarah on this one, and I have lived my entire life in the Midwest so I don’t thin it’s just a So Cal thing.

  7. I am curious if there are certain personality types that often don’t take personality quizes? Also if it is easier to see what someone else’s personality type is over seeing your own.

  8. I’ve taking various Enneagram test with little consistency in the results … and then I listened to this episode, and oh, HELLO! Type 6! Ha ha! Also, apples in a bowl on the counter — yep, Californian!

  9. Apples in the fridge! I read somewhere that it stops time for the apple and that they last longer in the fridge. Same for avocadoes. Once they ripen, stick ’em in the fridge!

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