Tips for Aging Faces + Enneagram Type 8: Selfie, Episode 19

Photo by Shane Rounce on Unsplash

Aging skin – it’s inevitable. But we’re talking about the practices and products that can help. We also chat about the confrontational charm of the enneagram type 8, including an interview with blogger (and mom of 9) Heidi Weimer.

In this episode, we talk about:


  1. Is using the Tata Harper Regenerating cleanser daily in the AM enough exfoliating? I’m 47 and my skin is a mess. A lot of congestion on my forehead – seriously considering bangs because of it – and spots on my chin. Is the Super 6 Serum used like a moisturizer? Thanks, I feel so stupid asking these questions…….

  2. Sarah, what was the name of the eye roller product you liked?

  3. After hearing you talk about tinted moisturizers, I would like some recommendations. I’ve used several in the past, but they look and feel on the heavy side like a liquid foundation. I would love to have a light coverage option – truly a moisturizer with just a hint of color – that I can just slather on for weekend wear.

    Does such a thing exist?

  4. Which products were the ones you guys mentioned for combination skin? The lovely acne/aging issue….

  5. I had a rash on my chest a few years ago, and it drove me mad. It was so itchy I would scratch until it scabbed over. Even in my mid 40s, I still have oily skin, and had acne when I was a teen/young adult. I just assumed it was related to my skin type, but the itching didn’t fit. Ended up being diagnosed as folliculitis, and got a medicated cream from doctor. I also used exfoliating cleansers, and it eventually cleared. Interesting if it is related to hormonal changes – it never occurred to me. Then again, there are so many things you guys discuss as hormone related that are a surprise to me!

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