Mom Guilt + Liz Bohannon on the Caftan Revolution: Selfie, Episode 29

In addition to wanting to convert the world to the pleasures of the caftan (which we fully support), Liz Bohannon of Sseko Designs is an entrepreneur of an ethical fashion brand that’s creating jobs in vulnerable countries. We chat with her about mom guilt, house dresses, how she was inspired to start a business that empowers at-risk women, and the question of work-life balance that’s never asked of men.

In this episode we talked about:

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  1. I’ve been listening to your podcast from the beginning and most days I find you guys delightful but I have to say: What’s with the yoga pants comment? Why is it any of your business if someone wants to wear yoga pants? Is that person’s purpose to look good for you when they leave the house? If they are comfortable then leave them be! Also, you imply that it’s better for these people to spend $100 on a caftan that only fits up to a size 16 (not likely to fit a good portion of the people you are referring to)! You are not helping anyone’s “self-care” by judging them about what they wear.

  2. Great episode!! I am a full-time working mom with two young kids and feel very little mom guilt. I wonder if it’s an Enneagram thing?? I’m a 3 and pretty fulfilled and secure in most areas of my life. The types of people who judge me for working and having a vagina are not people whose opinions matter to me or whose values align with mine. I did grow up in the evangelical subculture and absolutely think that those expectations play into it. I loved what the guest said about asking men the same questions. NO ONE asked my husband if he was going to go back to work after the baby, who would be raising our kids, or how on earth he travels.

  3. I don’t have any issues with people wearing yoga pants in public AS LONG AS they have bent over and looked at their own rear in the mirror. That’s what the rest of us will see – and I agree that I don’t want to see anyone’s underwear/thong/bum while I’m grocery shopping. It’s not that yoga pants should or shouldn’t be worn, it’s that there are some yoga pants that are better crafted than others to keep covered what should be left unseen by the massses.

    On another note, I am not a mom, but I do see cases of mom guilt in people I know and love. It’s depressing and it’s not right that it just comes with the position. I appreciate this conversation because it has helped me see how I can proactively address it and avoid it in my own life. Should anyone – friend or even worse, stranger – be “kind enough” to “warn” me about it’s impending doom when they see me pregnant, I’ll be kind enough to let them know they can take their mom guilt, and mine, with them and walk away.

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