Washcloths vs. Loofahs vs. Poufs: A Sudsing-Up Showdown | Selfie, Episode 32

We have a heated debate about washcloths, Kristen tries to convert the world to shower wands, and Sarah shares about how she’s trying to break up with her phone. Be sure to join us over at our facebook page where this, and many other conversations, are inspired.

In this episode:

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Photo by Kristina Balić on Unsplash


  1. Thank you Thank you Thank you for making me laugh so hard. I laughed so hard I couldn’t keep my eyes open while driving. It’s terrible because I shouldn’t be laughing that you got oil on our eye but your story telling was pure comedy magic.

    I may have gotten essential oil on my eyeball ounce… I too may have thought I was dying. The trick is not to wash it out with water..poor a small dropper of olive oil into your eye. Oil fights oil 🙂

    So quick question for your wonderful ladies.. what are these scrubber sheets from japan that we can get on amazing to wash our filthy bodies with????

    Thank you for making my sh*t commute enjoyable.

  2. Im looking for the name of the Japanese exfoliating washcloth?

  3. Question about the eyebrow powder. I have the kind of eyebrows that stop halfway due to over tweezing as a teenager. So now I feel in the brow I have and dry and the rest with an eyebrow pencil. Usually when I find these powders they don’t work because they just dark in the hair you have. Does this also work to create a bra where there isn’t one?

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