Monkey Pee & Misguided Help: An Interview with The Very Worst Missionary | Selfie, Episode 38

We are chatting with Jamie Wright, author of the new book The Very Worst Missionary, about her experience uprooting her family to Costa Rica, the trials of finding healthcare when you don’t speak the language, an unfortunate incident of sitting in monkey pee, and what Jamie learned about how (and how not) to help others.

Sarah also discusses smudging her new house with sage, and Kristen reveals concerns around her recent mammogram results.

In this episode we also talk about:

Make sure to join us over in our private facebook community for more conversations related to self-care! This past week we talked about what we are reading, shows we are watching, friends in your 40’s, weighted blankets, and strapless bras.

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  1. Hey. I have enjoyed listening to your podcast as a mom of an adopted daughter, a fan of friendship, and a semi-regular church goer who once was an MK and served for a year in Nepal. Side note: I have wanted, wanted, wanted to start a beer & hymns in Salt Lake City, but I can’t get my effing act together (well, I am a full time school counselor and in grad school etc. etc). I did want to send this link to this GREAT ARTICLE on raising teens. I’ve got one teen left – 16. I raised two teens into young adults (20 and 22) and OH MY GOODNESS, the 20 year old just about killed me. It was hard. There was shame (why?!). The church offers so much love and kindness to moms of little ones and there seems to be nuthin’ much goin’ on once they hit the teen years when. really, really needed support. Honestly, it kind of turned me off of the church. Anyway. Read this article, I found it encouraging. And I wish you all the luck and good smudgy ju-ju as you move forward in this journey. xo

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