Sarah’s Aura Read & Fashion with a Cause: An Interview with Barrett Ward | Selfie, Episode 51

Sarah has her aura read, and the girls have a chat with Barret Ward, founder of FashionABLE, about their radical new reporting system – AccountABLE. Fashion has a dirty secret: the products we enjoy are most often made by women who can’t meet their basic needs. Barrett is trying to change that by publishing the wages of everyone in the chain of making a product, and encouraging other companies to do the same.

Barrett is offering 20% off your first ABLE purchase with the code SELFIE at How cool is that?! The code is valid for a one-time use per customer through December 26, 2018.

In this episode we talked about:

True Cost on Netflix

Enlightened Sea Salt Roasted Fava Beans

Chenille Sitting Ball Chair

The Female Brain

MUN Aman Moisturizer (get 15% off with code WHOORL)

Female Brain Gone Insane: An Emergency Guide For Women Who Feel Like They Are Falling Apart


Outdoor Voices designs gear for Doing Things, being active and having fun. Whether you’re hoping to add versatile pieces to your wardrobe or looking for an activity- specific collection like running shorts, Outdoor Voices has gear for everything. We have a great deal for you – For 20% off your first order of $100 or more, visit and enter the promo code SELFIE. 

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