Our Favorite Cleaning Products! Selfie, Episode 54

In this episode we are talking about our very favorite cleaning products for our homes, with an emphasis on non-toxic products, products that are easy for adults AND kids to use, and products that reduce waste.




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  1. Sadly, Mrs. Meyers and Method products are not as “green” as they portray themselves to be. Check out this site (this is Mrs Meyers info, for an example): https://www.ewg.org/guides/brand/6630-MrsMeyersCleanDay

  2. So I ordered the Seventh Generation laundry soap that is linked above and it is actually linking to dishwasher detergent. So now I have two bags of what I hope is good dishwasher detergent :). I’m wondering if you can link to the actual laundry soap. I see it in liquid form, but I was thinking I remembered that you talked about it being packs in the podcast. I could be wrong….

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