Why Sponsor Our Network?

Podcast listeners are incredibly engaged, and the audience continues to grow.

Our audience is captive – whether driving, cooking, cleaning, or working, they just want to keep listening – and the conversation goes deep. Best yet, by the end of an hour-long show, listeners truly feel like they know (and trust) the hosts.

The intimacy, credibility and influence of long-form audio just can’t be duplicated in a short video, article, ad or even a blog post.

Our shows have been downloaded over 500,000 times, and thanks to loyal, engaged listeners who share, share, share, that number continues to grow (including our very first episodes. Podcasts have a great shelf life!)

Life, Listened sponsorship goes deeper than traditional advertising.

Here’s where we differ from other networks and shows: We want to make your brand part of the conversation

In addition to preroll and midroll promotions, we offer “sponsored conversations” that bring your product or service to life with a lively 10-15 minute discussion featuring your campaign messaging.

The result is increased engagement, the ability to reach an audience in an in-depth way, and increased continuity and credibility.

Life, Listened’s shows have been featured on iTunes’ New & Noteworthy list – a great indication of the kind of quality programming we produce.

Influential hosts create opportunities for integrated campaigns.

Because many of our hosts are bloggers and influencers with strong social media followings, we can offer truly cross-platform packages that give you the best of all worlds: social promotion, blog-based storytelling and on-point brand messaging during the show itself.

Email us at hello@lifelistened.com to request a custom campaign proposal.